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Our Mission

We think you should know the beliefs that drive us before investing your time & resources contacting any Partnered or Certified Center on our webpages. 

Cancer Doctor exists by the grace of God through a mission minded group of individuals that publish it for the benefit of cancer patients seeking more options. Our team has either been diagnosed with cancer, been the primary caretaker for a cancer patient or had an immediate family member pass on from cancer.

We possess the conviction you were made in the image of God. As a result, we promote the patient’s personal responsibility towards courage, commitment & change to obtain pro life outcomes, anyway possible, with the least amount of negative side effects.

Since creation is diverse, we reject a one size fits all cancer approach and value clarity more than agreement between two parties. We do believe there are essentials patients should adopt upon getting a cancer diagnosis.

We understand cancer..

Our team has either been diagnosed with cancer, been the primary caretaker for a cancer patient or had an immediate family member pass on from cancer.

Our Audience

You’re possibly here for one of these reasons.

1. You were diagnosed with cancer for the first time and terror has you all over the internet trying to find advice, a doctor and cancer treatment center that can help you.

2. You have a recurrence of cancer and won’t do the sickening conventional treatments again and need to find an integrative/alternative cancer treatment center.

3. You’re trying to help someone with cancer.

We’ll apply a no-nonsense tough love approach to help you make life saving decisions.

If you’re asking, “Which is the best place to go to?” You’re asking the wrong question. No two places are identical and each has various approaches. A choice of one is a choice of none. Do yourself a favor, consult with 2 or 3 centers/doctors, then enroll with the one you trust, fully committed and don’t look back.

If you’re asking, “Who has the best success rate?” You’re asking the wrong question. It will lead you to answers that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Read this here and this here to cut through all noise. Here’s what you need to know. It’s your job to let cancer know it will not take your life without your permission and resistance.

If you’re researching for someone you know with cancer, in an attempt to convince them to apply an integrative/alternative approach, stop now. You’re wasting your time. With the exception of patients that are immobilized, every patient needs to sacrifice their own time evaluating what they should do for themselves. Disaster awaits patients forced to do things they never wanted to do. It's okay to forward online websites but let those patients do the hard work themselves.

How We Make Money

We assist healthcare safety through informed decision-making between patients and the cancer centers we approve of that have passed our proprietary healthcare safety audits. Click here to see how this works.

They’re some cancer centers we do not approve of regardless of how much commission they’re willing to pay us to send cancer patients their way. Yes, you read that right. There are other 3rd party online organizations, compensated by cancer treatment centers through payments they’ve received from cancer patients who were sold to enroll with them by a 3rd party. We think it’s a conflict of interest when a 3rd party is consulting a cancer patient that represents 10% - 25% commission to them personally. Don’t misunderstand, everyone needs to make a living, but we advocate making it ethically. Ask any 3rd party claiming to help you if they’re making a commission from your buying decision. No one should be ashamed to respond if it's ethical. There are anti-kickback health laws prohibiting this from occurring in specific cases. Click here to see more.
We think taking financial advantage of a cancer patient sucks because healthcare is sacred ground. Thus, we’re compensated to perform proprietary healthcare safety audits for the benefit of cancer patients.

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the US. Click here to see the worldwide problem. There’s an overabundance of information on the subject. Some of it is good and some is not so good. Everyone’s a Google Doctor today but it won’t prevent 5,000 US patients from getting the bad news today. If information was the answer, we should have rid this disease long ago. However, cancer information is complex because a) information is in multiple places, b) information is structured and unstructured, and c) information is inconsistent or has variable definitions with evidence-based treatments/therapies and new research is coming out every day. Do you really think your Doctor will be on the cutting edge of every piece of new research? Think again!

It's estimated your body has 30-40 trillion cells and every second they work vigorously to keep you in natural balance. Your body has the innate ability to heal. Sometimes your body needs help providing an improved environment to heal. Only team up with those “passionate” about providing you with that improved environment and change everything required of you and don’t look back. Do the very best you can.

We believe "The Patient Always Comes First"

We think it’s a conflict of interest when a 3rd party is consulting a cancer patient that represents 10% - 25% commission to them personally.

Our Heart for You

We’re big on everyone taking personal responsibility for their healthcare. We don’t believe in pretending cancer is a gift or a death sentence. It's suffering. The best thing you can do right now is transform your mind to get every ounce of success from your personal suffering. Your mind is your greatest weapon. Learn how to use it. It’s your closest ally regardless of how you treat your cancer.

The most miserable patients are those that have never had the courage to suffer on purpose to improve their health at any time in their life. If that’s you, you need to look in the mirror, ask yourself some hard questions, because the answers are inside of you. If you come out determined your health is far more valuable than any earthly possession you own and you’re committed to change anything necessary to win and get beyond any quitting mechanism in your mind, then, and only then should you contact an Partnered or Certified Center.

Next reject any death sentence pronounced over you with an attached timetable. Timetables are a bully. The best way to deal with a bully is to attack them. Not with rage but with strategic behavior. No one gets a testimony without a test. If you earn high health grades, you’ll get to keep your high health grades. There’s no microwave answer to cancer. That’s a lie. If you thought the goal of life was to take it easy. You believed a lie.

If you’re angry you got cancer, we get it, if you're angry with the world, watch out, because anger’s only going to feed your cancer by inflaming your body and robbing you of rest. Take a deep breath. Forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness is not forgetting, but ceasing to execute justice inside your heart towards yourself or others. Anger also has a way of disappearing when you begin to work overtime on your own life.

It seems health insurance pays for sickcare most of the time. Commit to pay out of pocket for real healthcare that you can have a say in. If you’re not willing to invest in our own healthcare, you’ve lost already. If this bothers you, then think about the time when you spent over $300k for a home, $75k for a remodel or $40k for an automobile. Cancer isn’t a cold or a flu and your health is worth more than any material possession. Human beings are the most creative creatures on the planet. Go get or raise the money to invest in the most important thing in your life. The other option is to have insurance pay for conventional care, suffer through the harshest treatment plans that will destroy your immune system, provide you with nasty side effects and get financially wiped out when you find out insurance won’t cover all your treatments anyway. Click here for more.

Don’t add more stress overthinking your cancer & flooding your mind with distractions through social media, family or friends. They may mean well but if they’ve never personally overcome your type of cancer 10 years ago with the advice they’re giving you and are not a picture of health, then it's time to turn them off too. They don’t have to live with the consequences of the decisions they’re recommending to you. Besides, once you’ve adopted a new lifestyle that changes the food you eat, the company you keep, the thoughts you think, the exercise you drink, you won’t care much about what others say you should do. The only people you need in your life are those invested in supporting your new healthcare growth.

This will not be easy. No one is going to be motivating you every morning to eat the right food or take a supplement at an exact time. That’s all on you. Your determination will be your only motivation. Don’t get trapped in protocol perfection either. Cancer or not, each of us is flawed, we all have good days and bad days but you can rewire how you think by physical repetition.

Remove the power of death by remembering we all qualified to die the day we were born. It’s part of life. Get after living today and leave the time of your departure in the hands of a loving God. We’re not here to pretend with you. Surrender your old way of life daily and it will get easier the more you suffer to change your life for the better because your mindset will become powerful.

On the days you feel sorry for yourself, remember there’s someone else suffering more than you and changing their life for the better. If you put in the hard work, you will always be paid back with a better quality of life.

Your mind is your greatest weapon

The best thing you can do right now is transform your mind to get every ounce of success from your personal suffering.

Seize The Opportunity

Somehow, someway, cancer turned on inside of you. You can become its victim or study to break your opponent down by striking at their weaknesses. There’s no honor in being a coward. Being passive is embarrassing at a time like this. Cancer cells are difficult to defeat because they constantly change. Guess what, you better change too! Change anything necessary to make cancer cells vulnerable. Going to a Partnered or Certified Center will not help you if you’re not willing to change. At best, these centers can provide excellent intervention when you’re really committed to change and they’re your first option. They’ll give you a kick start in the right direction, but your healing will happen at home. That’s more than what you’ll receive from conventional care. Some patients have experienced extraordinary results at an integrative/alternative center while they were there receiving all kinds of beneficial interventions, but the healing must continue at home. Don’t put any doctor or other cancer patient on a pedestal. This is your personal healthcare journey and opportunity to be uncommon.

Exercise the necessary courage by asking your doctor questions about the possible risks vs. rewards from the specific treatments they will give you and what you must do at home to give you the very best outcome. It’s naïve for a patient to believe their doctor will answer all the questions they should have asked or to describe all possible risks vs. rewards of their treatments. Then when they get an undesirable side effect, get pissed, hop on social media to slander the doctor for not explaining “that” to them. Contrary to popular belief, doctors don’t know or remember everything. Life favors the informed active individual. Be courageous, don’t be lazy, get educated and take responsibility for yourself. No one is going to care about your health like you do and if you don’t care about taking control of your health right now, then it’s time to leave this website.

Your human body is wonderfully designed to heal itself without relying solely on chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. No two cancer patients with the exact diagnoses are alike. Furthermore, they will mentally respond in different ways to their condition which influences their individual outcomes. More than anything else cancer represents an opportunity for you to individually apply daily changes to your life to meet the hero living inside of you.

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