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Find Local Alternative Cancer Doctors

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Everyone has been impacted by cancer

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. At we match cancer patients with the right integrative doctors. This gives the patient the power to decide how they want to approach treating their own condition.

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Looking for ways to finance your integrative treatments?

Looking for ways to finance your integrative treatments?

We have a FREE resource provided by the Cancer Guide Research Foundation that can give you innovative ways to pay for integrative cancer treatments. These resources can also help you cover unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, like travel and meals!

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Cancer Doctor Partner means a member of Cancer Doctor performs a 200+ point on-site audit annually to approve the following:

Interviewed Doctors

Interviewed the doctors and found they are personally involved in the daily operations of the center.


They are currently administering the treatments listed on their On-Site Certified center page.

Patient Feedback

Spoken with some of their past and present patients to obtain quality assurance feedback about the center.

Accurate Address

The facility is located at the physical address listed.

Safe & Clean Facility

The facility is operated in a safe and clean environment.

Accurate Listing

Their website accurately lists their current services, phone number, and address.

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