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Breakthrough Fungus Discovery Helps Fight Back

Thousands of cancer survivors have already turned to this fungus

Dr. Jonathan Stegall , Integrative Oncologist
Dr. Jonathan Stegall , Integrative Oncologist, recommends this supplement for his patients

Top, integrative oncologists regularly recommend this fungus-derived supplement for their patients.

The effectiveness in combating the devastating immunological effects of cancer are amazing. In fact, the University of Louisville has declared this fungus-derived supplement, beta-glucan, as the most effective immune booster available—key to fighting back against cancer.

Here’s how Beta Glucan 500, from Better Way Health, has already helped thousands of cancer survivors combat the negative effects of cancer. And, even strengthen the immune system to slow the spread of cancer cells.

Cancer begins when genetic mutations in a cell lead to uncontrolled cell growth. Instead of dying when damaged, they proliferate at rapid rates. Healthy immune systems can easily destroy cancerous cells.

Cancer has a two-pronged effect: it spreads rapidly causing disruption to vital bodily functions… and … because of its proliferation, it exponentially stresses the effectiveness of the immune system. So it continues to grow unhampered.

This causes the need to supplement to help the immune system to strengthen its ability to combat the rapid growth of cancerous cells.

Peyer's PatchPeyer's Patch

Introducing the Peyer’s Patch: the watchmen on the wall. In your small intestine there are lymphoid tissues called Peyer’s patches. Peyer’s patches contain B cells, T cells, dendritic cells, and macrophages. These are all parts of what is called by the layman: the immune system.

Peyer’s patches recognize and respond to tumor cells. When they recognize these cells, they activate NK Cells—Natural Killer Cells—to immediately execute tumor cells.

As we age, Peyer’s patches decline in number and effectiveness. When this happens, cancer can more easily spread and damage healthy organ tissue.

Even though we don’t regenerate or grow more Peyer’s patches as we age, we can revitalize and strengthen and even restore Peyer’s patches to fight off cancer.

Introducing Beta Glucan: the Peyer’s Patch Strengthener! Beta Glucan, the yeast-derived supplement, is the most effective source of supplementation to strengthen Peyer’s patches.

Beta-glucans bind to specific receptors on immune cells called CR3 (complement receptor 3). This binding activates these cells that leads to increased phagocytosis. Phagocytosis is the process when cells engulf and destroy pathogens (bacteria, virus, or other disease cause).

This binding (CR3) also leads to the production of cytokines. Cytokines are signaling molecules that regulate immune responses. Cytokines get weaker with age—the process known as “immunosenescence” (dying immune system).

Beta-glucans help support antibody production. Beta-glucans enhance the production of specific antibodies in response to pathogens. They strengthen B cells. B cells “remember.” They remember specific antigens they’ve encountered and can then mount a rapid defense and destruction of the antigens—because they don’t have to “re-learn” how to combat and destroy these antigens.

Beta-glucans protect against pathogens. A strong immune system, an immune system that can fight against cancer is critical for health and longevity. Beta-glucans help the body defend against pathogens and tumorous cells.

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