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‘An Inflammation Nation’ uncovers everyday triggers


Ask any American what the nation’s biggest killer is and you’ll get answers ranging from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, obesity, and dozens of other potential likely candidates. Ask the same question to Dr. Sunil Pai and he’ll answer with just one word: “inflammation” — the trigger to almost every disease known to man.

As a renowned Integrative Medicine physician, Dr. Pai has spent his career exploring thousands of patients’ diets, lifestyles, environments, and mental states to uncover the triggers that are causing inflammation in their life and exposing them to diseases that are so easily preventable.

Now, for the first time, anyone can dig deep to find those same triggers and prevent all diseases through diet, lifestyle, and natural anti-inflammatories — thanks to Pai’s new book, An Inflammation Nation.

Changing your health and eating habits to restore and maintain your health can be challenging. But compared to surgery or extensive drug regimens with debilitating side effects, the effort is decidedly worth it.

Dr. Pai presents a 10-step guide to help you prevent and treat disease through diet and lifestyle changes, as well as through the use of natural anti-inflammatories. With extensive information on the production of food, pharmaceuticals, and dietary supplements, this remarkable resource pulls back the veil on what’s “really” in the foods and products you consume daily — and how they’re affecting your health.

All too often, conventional health care simply manages diseases rather than actually resolving them. By understanding that inflammation is the underlying trigger mechanism to all ailments, you can learn to prevent, reverse, and treat most chronic illnesses — including cancer — by applying integrative medicine’s natural, evidence-based solutions.

Informative, educational, and enlightening, this book will help you understand the truth and motivate you to start taking back your health. The ultimate 10-step guide to help you prevent and treat all diseases you might encounter. In this single remarkable resource, you will learn:

  • Why inflammation is the common link to all diseases, including cancer.
  • The life-extending benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet.
  • How to reduce inflammation (and stress) naturally and effectively.
  • The life-threatening “black box” dangers of NSAIDs.
  • How hidden food sensitivities can torpedo even the healthiest diet.
  • Easy effective ways to safely clear toxins from your body.
  • How to strengthen your immune system with a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Simple steps that help you maintain healthy glucose levels.
  • How to tell the difference between high quality and dangerous supplements.

Dr. Pai became one of the first formally trained Integrative Medicine medical doctors in the U.S. under Dr. Andrew Weil more than 17 years ago.

“Everyone suffers from inflammation — everyone,” Dr. Pai explained. “They may think they just have another chronic illness, but I can guarantee it started with inflammation. So, doesn’t it make perfect sense to fight that inflammation at the root cause and prevent the disease from developing in the first place? Of course, it does! The key is to correctly treat inflammation triggers through diet, lifestyle, and the right kinds of anti-inflammatories. My new book is a paint-by-numbers guide to doing just that.

“In fact, it covers exactly the same bases I usually work on face-to-face with clients in consultations that can last up to three hours. And it’s written in the same open, honest yet incredibly friendly, and sometimes witty dialogue I use in person. It’s time to finally prevent and treat disease — rather than simply managing it.”

Voted “Best of 2016 Indie Books” by Kirkus Reviews, “An Inflammation Nation is a valuable resource that empowers the reader by providing well-documented scientific studies and investigative reports that reveal the importance of inflammation and how its underlying effects influence all aspects of our health. Dr. Pai utilizes an evidence-based Integrative medicine approach written in easy to understand language for both the layman and the professional alike to unravel the secrets to the various triggering mechanisms of inflammation – diet, pharmaceuticals, allergies, lifestyle, and environment. I highly recommend this book.,” said Dr. Weil.

Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, a world-renowned researcher in inflammation formerly from M.D. Anderson said: “Dr. Pai provides evidence that various agents provided by Mother Nature are inexpensive, are very safe, and can control dysregulated inflammation. This book by Dr. Pai does an excellent job in describing the role of inflammation and its link to various diseases. This will have a huge impact on our lives and thus highly recommended.”

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