Budwig Protocol disables deadly cancer stem cells

You probably have never heard that in the middle of every cancer cell there are cancer stem cells, and they are very difficult to annihilate. In fact, many scientists are now concluding that the reason cancers come back even after intensive chemotherapy and radiation is because they have not been able to destroy the cancer stem cells. [1]

Some researchers have called them “master cells” because they decide what the rest of the tumor cells are going to do. Yes, these deadly stem cells are in control of how fast cancer will spread and in addition, how it manages to grow and even resist harsh treatments over and over again. In laboratory studies using mice, they discovered that just a few of these cancer stem cells can cause the tumor to grow right back again whereas countless other cancer cells could not do that. [2]

Even though these cancer stem cells make up less than 1% of the tumor's mass they have a clever way of escaping conventional medical therapies which target rapidly dividing cancer cells. [3]
These master cancer stem cells divide very slowly, therefore they pass right through and around the chemotherapy and even intensive radiation in many cases.

And to make matters worse, these cancer stem cells if they do take in some of the chemotherapy drugs they have in a built-in defense mechanism that causes it to quickly expel the chemical drugs right out of the cell leaving it unharmed.

Chemo, radiation makes cancer master cells stronger

But if that was not the worst of the situation there’s more to be said. When these master cancer stem cells are exposed to chemotherapy and radiation it actually makes these CSC’s several times stronger according to a recent study by UCLA on breast cancer radiation treatments. These cancer stem cells are not only found in breast cancer but they were found in basically every type of solid tumor to date. So, to effectively overcome cancer the secret is to disable the cancer stem cells.

Another deadly aspect of cancer is causing the patient to starve to death. This syndrome is called cachexia. The muscles waste away. Cancer stem cells are also responsible for this life-threatening condition.

To date, the researchers have found three plant extracts that, when combined, can disable these cancer stem cells. At the Budwig Center, we routinely include this unique plant-based extract combination in our program.

For more than 60 years the Budwig Protocol has helped countless people with all types of cancer recover their health. Contact the Budwig Center for more information.

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