Conners Clinic focuses on ‘personalized touch’

As you imagine, Dr. Kevin Conners is passionate about Conners Clinic in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. It is not a large clinic — “we're not a hospital-based clinic,” he says — rather, it is a day clinic.

However, patients who visit for the clinic's “2-day intensive” program stay at a local hotel and are at the clinic during the day, generally for about eight hours doing testing.

“We could get a larger clinic, and we could grow,” Dr. Conners says, “but then we lose some of that personalized touch that, I think, is an important part of the healing that is maybe not as tangible as, ‘Oh, we use this therapy and this works so well, and we're doing this supplement and this is what's healing people.'

“We believe that the spiritual-emotional component is as much or more important in a person's healing as any of the therapies that you could do. I don't ever want our clinic to lose that personal touch, that one-on-one relationship that we have with patients.”

Conners Clinic staff members support all patients. There are some local patients that take therapies after their two-day intensive program.

“We have a number of people that are coming back for therapies,” he says. “But for the most part, we can only take a few patients a week to start on our two-day intensive. We just don't have the space.”

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