Cancer Doctor
Cancer Doctor

The Conners Clinic and the uniqueness of Rife


Dr. Kevin Conners addresses a breast cancer patient who was told she had three months to live.

The patient did not want to do chemotherapy and radiation. She had nursed a friend through that and, from her belief, the friend died of the chemo.

Dr. Conners began treating cancer, focusing on the immune system and nutrition.

Also part of the regimen was the Rife machine, which Dr. Conners says, “is a big piece of what we do now, and why most people seek us out now, is because of our expertise in the Rife.”

“That was a little over 20 years ago, she lived for 13 more years and died of a heart attack,” he notes. “That was a great success story.”

Dr. Conners said the clinic has upgraded and now uses two different types of Rife machines.

“What makes us really different is that we send people home with a programmed Rife machine that they're using every night after they leave the clinic,” he explained. “That is probably the most unique thing about us and what we do.

“There are other pieces of therapy that we have in our office that some other clinics have, for maybe different reasons than treating cancer, because they're good for the body. But it's sending people home with a very specific program on their Rife to use for their body that makes us the most unique.”

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