Dr. Moerman’s anti-cancer diet

How It Works

This diet, in theory, works as an immune system-building diet, a “metabolic balancing” diet, and is designed to stop the spreading of cancer. It is not designed to kill cancer cells directly, but is designed to build various aspects of the immune system and build the collagen fibrils so cancer does not spread.

The Moerman Anti-Cancer Diet

Dr. Cornelius Moerman was a country medical doctor in Holland who fine-tuned his diet over many years by treating both pigeons and then human patients who voluntarily went through his treatment plans. Like several other alternative cancer treatments, it was developed on a trial-and-error basis. His research covered about 50 years, from the early 1930s to his death in 1988.

Like many other alternative doctors, he considered that “cancer was [caused by] a malfunctioning of the immune system that manifested itself outwardly on the body's weakest organ as a tumor.”

There are eight key nutrients in this diet:
1) Vitamin A (requires Vitamin D as a catalyst),
2) Vitamin B complex,
3) Vitamin C,
4) Vitamin E,
5) Citric Acid,
6) Iodine,
7) Iron,
8) Sulphur

In addition to these eight items, Dr. Moerman identified 17 symptoms of cancer, each of which is suggested to be addressed by one or more of the eight key nutrients. In fact, five of these items are common among current alternative cancer treatments. The three exceptions are iodine, iron, and sulfur.

The iron is most interesting. There is an “Iron Cancer Cure” developed by an Austrian faith healer, R.A. Hoffmann. However, a warning is in order. Too much iron in the blood may lead to heart attacks. (4)

Moerman's diet included most vegetables, most fruits, some whole grains, butter, some other dairy products, egg yokes (not egg whites), and some other items. The diet is designed to supplement the eight nutrient supplements. The diet is very strict in things that cannot be consumed (e.g. table salt, even iodized table salt, meat, etc. are not allowed).

Since Dr. Moerman died in 1988, there have been many discoveries, particularly relative to killing cancer cells, that are not part of his diet. This should always be kept in mind.


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