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Natural cancer treatment: Are holistic practitioners winning?


Natural treatments for cancer are more imperative than ever as the disease continues to destroy lives. Despite all the “modern day” medical advances, cancer kills millions annually.

The medical community likes to point out that fewer people are dying from their cancers than ever before and that’s true to a point.

Some common cancers have seen fewer deaths in men (1.8 percent decrease in death), women (1.4 percent decrease in death), and children under 14 (1.8 percent decrease in death) between 2000 and 2009. [1]

So many still die. That’s the part they like to glance over.

They don’t like to discuss such topics with their patients. They don’t want to tell them that deaths are on the rise from melanoma in men (the most dangerous form of skin cancer), uterine cancer in women, and liver and pancreatic cancer in both genders. [2] [3] [4]

Don’t look too closely. Don’t ask too many questions.

While conventional medicine and cancer organizations love taking the credit for the minuscule improvements to cancer mortality, the forms that are killing fewer people come with an important footnote. It is far more likely that lifestyle changes and holistic medicine are the reason for fewer deaths.

If cancer is a war, conventional medicine cannot count it as a win.

The treatment rollercoaster

Patients who visit their oncologist are faced with a slew of “treatments” that can agitate and worsen the disease rapidly. Meanwhile, natural treatments for cancer are ignored or outright mocked. If you ask about them, you’re talked down to as if your questions are ridiculous.

Even when a patient is considered “terminal” or “end-stage.” Even when doctors and cancer centers literally have nothing else to offer a patient being ravaged by the disease, they don’t talk to them about emerging science, food protocols, or holistic alternatives.

It seems they’d rather send their patient home to die than take a chance on natural cancer treatment. Presented with the choice between “certain death” or drinking a bitter tea three times a day, I’d choose the tea!

I’d make myself a big cup three times a day like clockwork if there was a remote possibility that it could give me another day, another week, or another year with my loved ones. Honestly, wouldn’t most of us?

Avoiding a cancer diagnosis in the first place

That’s just the treatment of existing cancer. What about prevention?  There’s too little talk about how not to get cancer in the first place within the mainstream medical community! Sure, they talk about early screening, tell you to quit smoking, and advise staying out of the sun.

Do they talk about anti-cancer diets?  Tell you how some chemicals in food products raise your personal risk? Are there any questions about personal hygiene products, cosmetics, or cleaning supplies you might use?

Have you ever had a doctor explain that if you make changes at 20, 30, or 40 that it can make all the difference to your long-term health (not just with cancer but every major disease)? [5] [6]

No!  They don’t talk about it because that’s considered “alternative” medicine, which automatically makes it quack science. According to them, natural treatments for cancer “do not exist” and there is “no way to truly protect yourself from cancer.”

Even though countless lives have been saved through the years through alternative and complementary practices, most doctors stick with whatever they were taught in medical school and never, ever question it, research beyond it, or stray from the path with the men, women, and children in their care.

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have worked for many patients but by no means have these antique techniques of treating cancer saved all (or even most) lives.

Not all antidepressants work for every patient with depression.

Not all conventional cancer treatments work for every patient with cancer.

What if you’re one of the patients who isn’t helped? What if your cancer continues to grow, spread, and take your life one cell at a time?

A sacrilegious cancer truth

Doctors think they know cancer. They believe they understand what causes it, how to treat it, and refuse to consider anything outside that bubble.

What they overlook is that this life-threatening disease is systemic. That means it affects your entire body. Conventional medicine focuses on one part of you — the part that “has” cancer.

If you have pancreatic cancer, they focus on your pancreas and nothing but your pancreas. It’s a foolish and incredibly short-sighted move.

Assuming that one small part of your body has somehow gotten into trouble is like saying the floor is wet and not looking for the leak.

A cancer cell is harmless (we all have millions of potentially cancerous cells inside us at any given time) until it is triggered. Something has to turn it on, activate it, wake it up.

The triggering mechanism might be environmental (soil, water, air), physical (food, beverages, lifestyle habits), personal (chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning goods, feminine hygiene products), or emotional (chronic stress, past abuse, early childhood trauma).

That last one might surprise you.

The University of Toronto released a study that found childhood trauma and abuse had a higher impact on cancer risk than poor lifestyle behaviors such as tobacco use, excess alcohol, or living a sedentary lifestyle. The researchers found that participants who experienced abuse as children had a 49 percent higher risk of cancer than those participants who did not deal with emotional trauma when they were kids. [7]

In my personal experience as a physician during the past four decades (both mainstream and alternative), those patients who cleaned up their emotional debris had a higher rate of survival than those patients who ignored that aspect of their health.

Diet, exercise, sleep … all these things matter to prevent and treat cancer. Of course, they do!  I have a saying that goes, “Any good health measure is an anti-cancer measure.” Do the things that keep your whole body (not just certain parts) healthy.  And yet …

There’s one prevention tool that is always ignored, the most natural treatment for cancer that exists, the modality that comes with zero side effects, financial burden, or negative outcomes is building up your emotional health.

Confronting and then purging deep, painful (perhaps very old) feelings that enable your emotional self to heal, to grow stronger, to survive, and thrive.

It’s one step of many in preventing, fighting, and beating cancer. Everything that’s in your control, you can alter. There are more areas inside your sphere of influence than you think!

Cancer risk factors you control

  • Tobacco
  • Infectious organisms
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Physical inactivity
  • Environmental factors
  • Emotional baggage
  • Sleep quality
  • Obesity
  • And many more …

You have the power. It’s yours.

Natural cancer treatments (and preventative measures) mustn’t be discarded simply because a doctor who took your co-pay didn’t write you a prescription for it.

If you wait for the mainstream medical community to think outside the box, you’ll be waiting a very long time!  It’s up to you!

I want to give you a starting point.  I’ve put together a simple guide that you can use to start the process of safeguarding your body from the ravages of cancer. It’s free! I urge you to read it — then share it with your friends and family.

Your body is your responsibility. Don’t wait for a doctor to tell you “there’s nothing more that can be done” before you explore simple and effective natural cancer treatments and prevention.

Click here to download your free guide. You’ll be glad you did!

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