Cancer Doctor
Cancer Doctor

Rife is the treatment ‘if I had cancer’


Dr. Kevin Conner became fascinated with Rife technology when he was in school. Once he began treating cancer patients — “I had the brochure taped to the wall in front of my desk,” he says — it was a Holy Spirit moment.

“I felt like God said, ‘What would you do if you had cancer?'” Dr. Conners says. “And my answer was, ‘Well, I'd have a Rife at home.'

“And literally that was just a light bulb moment.”

Dr. Conners changed his treatment program, moving away from strictly office-based treatment to a Rife-centric approach where patients are home-based.

“It made it less expensive for the patient because we're not having to see them as often,” he says. “We could see people from out of state, out of town, they didn't have to be local to us. We didn't have to worry about setting them up for six weeks or 12 weeks or whatever. We didn't have to worry about them coming in six weeks and then six months later, having to come back for another six weeks. The cost of that could be atrocious.

“This is what I would do if I had cancer: I'd be using a Rife at home. … That's really how we formulated our program and why we do what we do. I'm not knocking anybody else's program, it's probably wonderful, but those are the reasons why we do what we do.”

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