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Green Bridge Medical - Santa Monica

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On May 6th, 2024 our team was informed that the Green Bridge Medical Clinic is now PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Please consider contacting another center in our database for your future needs.

Green Bridge Medical
Green Bridge Medical
Green Bridge Medical
Green Bridge Medical
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2730 Wilshire Blvd #425 90403 , Santa Monica, California, 90403 , United States

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In 2007, Allan I. Frankel, MD, established GreenBridge Medical in Santa Monica, California, with the mission of treating patients living with chronic pain or illness through a combination of traditional treatments and medical cannabis. Dr. Frankel’s expertise in internal medicine, as well as his pioneering work on the applications of clinical cannabis, form the foundation of the GreenBridge Medical treatment philosophy. In 2017, Mark Kurzman, MD, joined the practice as a general practitioner.

GreenBridge Medical is committed to explaining and demystifying the treatment process to new patients, whether they have been referred by their primary care physician or they’ve found the

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