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Slater Center - Providence

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Slater Center
Slater Center
Slater Center
Slater Center
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1 Corliss St., Providence , Rhode Island, 02904, United States

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About Slater Center

From Slater Center 's website: Over the years, we have helped thousands of people with debilitating medical conditions: children struggling with autism and seizures; cancer patients suffering from the relentless side effects of chemotherapy; senior citizens agitated by Alzheimer’s disease; and others with chronic pain, muscle spasms and other ailments that interfere with every aspect of daily living.

When conventional medicine fails to help, patients turn to us for safe, natural and effective relief.

The Slater Center offers an impressive assortment of superior medicine in different strains, potencies and products, each with unique therapeutic benefits. And we’re constantly developing new medicines and

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