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Dr. Carlos Bautista

28 Years Experience
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About Dr. Carlos Bautista

Dr. Carlos Bautista opened Immunity Therapy Center™ in 2007 with the goal of providing the highest quality medical care, using alternative cancer therapies that are the most effective, more natural, less aggressive, and patient-focused.

Early in his career, Dr. Bautista saw the enormous potential and effectiveness of

Dr. Carlos Bautista's Credentials

Education & Certificates
  • Board Certified Medical Doctor
  • Masters in Nutrition
Typical Program Length

Immunity Therapy Center's typical program length is about 3 weeks.

Years of Experience
28 years of experience
Languages Spoken

Spanish, English


Where Dr. Carlos Bautista practices

Immunity Therapy Center

Blvd. Padre Kino #10133

Zona Urbana Rio

M-F 8am-6pm PST, Sat 8am-4pm PST

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Who is Dr. Bautista?

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