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About Dr. Carlos M. Garcia

Dr. Carlos M. Garcia MD is a renowned physician and expert in holistic healthcare, natural medicine, and alternative therapies. He was born in Cuba and moved to the United States as a young boy. He received his formal medical training at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, followed by an

Dr. Carlos M. Garcia 's Credentials

Education & Certificates

Dr. Carlos M. Garcia MD is a practitioner of integrative medicine with a goal to shift the focus from sick care to health care. He obtained his formal medical education at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and completed his internship in Internal Medicine and residency in Anesthesia at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia.


Alternative Cancer Care, Chelation Therapy, IV Vitamins, Nutrition, Mind/Body Connection, Pain Management, Natural Weight Loss

Typical Program Length

Dr. Carlos M. Garcia MD provides a la carte services at Utopia Cancer Center

67 Years Old
Languages Spoken

English and Spanish

NPI Number

Where Dr. Carlos M. Garcia practices

Utopia Cancer Center

13904 Monroes Business Park

M-F 9am-5pm ET

Books authored by Dr. Carlos M. Garcia

Cancer Is A Symptom: The real cause revealed

This book explores the prospect that cancer is merely a symptom and unless you heal the underlying cause, you will never be truly cancer free. We all want good health, which is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve given our current chaotic society/world. Many are seeking better tools to cope with their ever increasing, fast paced and ever-changing challenges. This book presents a different perspective for addressing and managing the encounters of our daily lives.

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Utopia- What is Cancer- Carlos Garcia, M.D.

Cancer Survivor; Alternative Cancer Treatments; Complementary Cancer Care; Holistic; Health & Wellness; Holistic

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