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About Dr. Stephen Petteruti

After graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Tufts University, Dr. Stephen Petteruti DO pursued a Doctor of Osteopathy degree at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed an internship and residency at Martin Army Hospital in Fort Benning, Georgia. He served for seven years

Dr. Stephen Petteruti's Credentials

Education & Certificates

Here are the degrees that Dr. Stephen Petteruti DO has obtained

  • BA, English - Tufts University
  • Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Residency, Family Medicine - Martin Army Community Hospital
  • Family Medicine
  • Functional Medicine
  • Hormone therapy
  • Weight loss
  • IV vitamin therapy with chelation
  • Cancer Care
  • Concierge Practice
  • Bio-identical Hormones Replacement
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36 years of experience
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Intellectual Medicine

250 Centerville Road

Building E

Tues - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Books authored by Dr. Stephen Petteruti

The Cancer Machine: A novel

In a story that could be ripped from the headlines, a small group of outcasts discovers the penicillin of cancer. Despite the breakthrough having world-changing repercussions, there are those in power who want to bury it before it ever sees the light of day. Anton Thresher is used to going against societal norms. He even enrolls in a small Maine college instead of following his family legacy at the prestigious Harvard Medical School. When the prodigal son, who knows genius comes in all forms, connects with Lisa, a lonely waitress at a local café, the two form an unconventional working relationship. With the help of his skirt-chasing roommate, Todd Freeze, and an arrogant senior resident, DL, Anton discovers the miraculous therapeutic effects of a plant compound in cancer patients. Anton thinks this could be the first step in eradicating cancer but finds that he has trusted the wrong person. Now, the friends have to go on the run from an elite assassin and the sinister agents of a corporate conspiracy. Dr. Stephen Petteruti channels his own experiences with the medical establishment into a bitterly realistic thriller about corporate avarice and moral failings.

Vitamized Health: Your Pathway to Optimal Health using IV Vitamin Therapy

All health begins at a cellular level. Healthy cells resist infections, keep arteries open, keep the heart healthy, keep the brain functioning, and fuel the body with abundant energy. Western medicine has evolved around the "disease model" of health intervention. Even though illnesses such as heart disease, dementia and cancer take years, if not decades to develop, the current approach is to wait until something bad happens, and then take desperate actions to try to glue things back together. We spend an enormous amount of money and resources on the terminal phases of disease when things have gotten out of hand and a good outcome is hard to achieve. Vitamized Health introduces you to the revolution of cellular health that will move you a quantum leap beyond the benefits of diet and exercise. This book provides a practical introduction to the use of intravenous vitamin and supplement infusions to support cellular vitality with the goal of reversing many common conditions and making disease less likely to occur. Vitamized health supports the body's incredible self-healing power. This book is organized around some of the most common clinical conditions that people face such as Migraines, GI issues, and energy. There are also sections focused on heart disease, dementia, and cancer. Dr. Stephen Petteruti has used his 30 years of experience as a practicing family doctor and 15 years as a functional medicine physician, along with his extensive research and clinical utilization of intravenous vitamins to become one of the nation's leading experts in Vitamized Health. His knowledge, combined with a refreshing and easy to comprehend writing style make this book a 'must read' for anybody interested in pursuing their highest and best health, or for those intrigued by the vitamin revolution who want to know more.

Podcasts with Dr. Stephen Petteruti

Intellectual Medicine

My work as a practicing physician has been focused on enhancing human vitality by targeting health at a cellular level. My interest is in combining the best of conventional medicine, with advances in cellular biology to deliver novel approaches to address core issues that corrode health and accelerate aging. My 30 year career as a family doctor has enabled me to identify the greatest concerns and objectives of the patients I serve. My intellectual curiosity has helped me to research approaches to help address unsolved problems.

Videos from YT of Dr. Stephen Petteruti

Can High Dose IV Vitamin C Be Used for Cancer Treatments

If you have ever had cancer, or if you are currently fighting cancer, super doses of vitamin C delivered through the vein may help you. Not only has high doses of vitamin c been shown to kill cancer cells, but it can also reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. In addition to helping support patients who were actively fighting cancer, many of our patients choose to make monthly infusions part of their approach to help prevent cancer from returning.

IV Mistletoe for Cancer

IM120 is now offering IV mistletoe for cancer therapy. Dr. Stephen Petteruti explains.

Prostate Cancer and Alternative Cancer Treatments

Mike discusses his journey with metastatic stage 4 prostate cancer. Had done radiation, chemo, and now high dose vitamin c, alpha lipoic acid (ALA), and mistletoe for immune support. Recent PET scan that the cancer has approved and he's feeling pretty good. Reports feeling stronger after doing the vitamin C treatments.

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