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Dr. Miranda LaBant

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About Dr. Miranda LaBant

Dr. Miranda LaBant, ND graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Illinois. After receiving her doctorate in naturopathic medicine she moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii and completed a CNME accredited residency in integrative oncology under the direction of Dr. Michael Traub, ND.

Integrative and Individualized Primary care

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  • National University of Health Sciences, N.D.

Alternative Cancer Care

Colon Hydrotherapy

IV Nutrient Therapies

Vitamin C

Lyme Disease

Personalized Nutrition

Liver/Lymphatic Flush


Critical Care

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Integrative Oncology

Female Health

Female/Male Hormones

IV Specialty Bags


PRP Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Primary Care

Types of Cancer Treatment

Integrative Cancer Care

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6 years of experience
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Videos from YT of Dr. Miranda LaBant

Journey to Naturopathic and Integrative Oncology with Dr. Miranda LaBant, ND

In this episode Dr. MIranda LaBant shares with us her journey to Naturopathic Medicine including her unique experience in Belize, her journey to Naturopathic Oncology, some of her favorite Integrative Oncology treatments, and so much more.

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