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Dr. Ted Reese

D.D.S., M.A.G.D., N.M.D.
20 Years Experience
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Although none of my family members are involved in dentistry, I became interested in the profession at the early age of 13. My own family dentist gave me a good impression of the career as he was always pleasant, happy, and seemed to enjoy his work. Being interested in the

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Education & Certificates

1984-87: Associated in a family practice with emphasis on orthodontics and craniofacial pain (TMJ) in Clinton, Indiana. During this time I was also able to further my education by studying implant dentistry at the Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

1987: relocated to Indianapolis and assumed continuation of the practice of Dr. Jordan Scull, former instructor at IUSD, upon his retirement.

1989: awarded the Fellow of Midwest Implant Institute. I have since assisted in teaching other clinicians implant dentistry, lectured and presented at meetings and chaired the annual symposium in 1998.

1990: awarded Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry. This is achieved by accumulating a considerable amount of continuing education credits beyond the required, passage of a day long, all inclusive written exam. I currently serve on a national committee that prepares, reviews, and helps in writing this exam.

1995: Awarded MASTER, Academy of General Dentistry. Achieved by lengthy and in depth study of all aspects of dental care including oral presentations and defense of clinical work for peer review.

1995: Awarded Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry An international academy promoting the excellence in Implant Dentistry services. Fellowship status requires written and oral examination only after achieving a certain level of experience in the field.

1997 - 2002: Served on the National Exam Committees to review, grade, and construct the Fellowship exams for the Academy of General Dentistry.

2008: Awarded the Life Long Learning and Service Recognition (LLSR) from the Academy of General Dentistry.

2006 - 2009: Served on the National Dental Education Council for the Academy of General Dentistry.

2012: Awarded Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry.

2011 - 2014: Served as Trustee for Indiana/Ohio to the national board of the Academy of General Dentistry.

2015: Appointed to Indiana State Board of Dental Examiners by Governor Mike Pence.

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