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We work with the best Alternative/Integrative Cancer Treatment Centers on the planet

Only 10% of Alternative/Integrative Cancer Treatment Centers pass our Audits.

Cancer Doctor is the only genuine third-party quality control that audits Alternative/Integrative cancer treatment centers on-site. The benefits of this may save your life. This type of transparency & accountability from participating in Alternative/Integrative cancer treatment centers creates an environment for you to have the best possible outcome. At Cancer Doctor, we understand that becoming cancer free is a journey requiring long-term accountability between you & your doctor - so why trust your life to a treatment center that has not passed annual audits?

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Center Qualifications

At Cancer Doctor, we rank centers based on their qualifications through our proprietary audit process. There are four types of qualifications: 

  1. Partnered Centers
  2. Certified Centers
  3. Verified Centers
  4. Not Verified Centers

Our audits are conducted by staff members that have lived through the heartache of a cancer diagnosis, struggled to identify helpful resources, and ultimately received alternative/integrative cancer care nationally and internationally.

  1. Partnered Centers: Partnered Centers are dedicated to treating cancer. They agreed to have staff physically visit and inspect their treatment facility. We also interviewed members of their staff, primary doctor(s), and have spoken to patients that have previously received treatments from their treatment center.
  2. Certified Centers: Certified Centers treat a range of conditions (not just cancer) & provide beneficial services to cancer patients. They agreed to have staff virtually interview members of their staff, primary doctor(s), and have spoken to patients that have previously received treatments from their treatment center.
  3. Verified Centers: Verified Centers provide at least one beneficial service for cancer patients. They have spoken to a representative to confirm basic contact and treatment information.
  4. Not Yet Verified Centers: These locations have come to our attention, but have no relationship with Cancer Doctor. They’re listed to make you aware of other options. These centers have not agreed to be contacted by Cancer Doctor staff.

Why third-party quality control for Alternative/Integrative Cancer Care is important

Many important industries such as food, supplements & equipment all have third-party quality control that offers additional consumer protection. It takes over 100 hours to conduct a genuine third-party audit of an alternative/integrative cancer treatment center. Cancer patients just don’t have the time or know the questions to ask, so we did all the work for you. When it comes to quality control and assurance, newly diagnosed cancer patients should embrace the best services for their healthcare needs. Independent third-party quality control checks give the patient reassurances they will be served with the latest and safest treatments in alternative/integrative cancer care. Cancer Doctor independently evaluates each step a center takes with their patients to ensure they meet rigorous standards to earn Partner or Verified Center status. These are some highlights of Cancer Doctor audits to ensure you will be cared for by a legitimate cancer treatment center.

  • Cancer Doctor certifies the center or medical director has successfully provided alternative/integrative cancer care for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Cancer Doctor has certified the center's approach to cancer, patients, and caregivers by conducting On-Site interviews with proprietors, medical directors, and staff members confirming their unified mission.
  • Cancer Doctor has certified the center's safe administration of treatments and therapies by conducting an On-Site inspection confirming the center has accurate website descriptions of healthcare services provided.
  • Cancer Doctor has certified the center's patient satisfaction by interviewing past and present patients.
  • Cancer Doctor conducts a proprietary 200+ point pre-qualification audit of each Partnered Center in which they must receive an excellent grade.
  • Cancer Doctor endorses Partnered Centers and invites all cancer patients to be confident they are in qualified caring hands when they speak with a Partnered Center representative today. 

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