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Claire first came to Dr. Forsythe when a recurrence of breast cancer was discovered. After twelve long years of being treated with conventional methods including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, Claire made the brave decision to forgo traditional treatments and seek alternative breast cancer care from our experts at Forsythe Cancer Care Center. Prior to visiting our practice, Claire received disheartening news... After 5 years of improvement her cancer had returned. The cancer had invaded her lung and bone. Her life was in danger once again. Claire had thought that, after receiving helpful treatments, she was in the clear. She routinely received checkups, she took the recommended supplements and she thought all was well. Unfortunately, after five years of assumed recovery, she found a lump in her breast. Refusing to forfeit hope, Claire came to our clinic. After having first heard of us within the pages of a Suzanne Somers book she was intrigued by our philosophy and methods. After her first visits, she was pleased with our healing methods that can often include low dose insulin and low dose chemotherapy in addition to supplements and overall lifestyle changes. What’s more, she was thrilled at the prospect of being treated for cancer while still enjoying the elementary aspects of life like shopping, cooking and being outdoors. At our clinic, Claire experienced: Personal consultation where she was treated as a person and not just a body Extensive testing beyond other breast cancer treatment centers Analysis of her diagnosis that led to a detailed plan of attack From that point forward, Claire’s battle with cancer was transformed. She now felt optimistic and began seeing tangible results. More importantly, she didn’t allow her condition to rule her life. Quoted as saying, “It’s been so easy... Very little downs and mostly ups.” Claire is thriving amid a seemingly detrimental diagnosis. If you’re like Claire, you’ve potentially experienced half a lifetime of feeling scared and unsure of what the future holds. A breast cancer diagnosis can feel devastating and often is. However, there are alternative treatments available that can put you on a path toward truly healing your body. The team of experts at Forsythe Cancer Care Center are ready and willing to help you along your journey toward breast cancer recovery. Our licensed and experienced oncology practice offers personalized protocols that serve to help your entire body heal. Call us at (877) 789-0707 or visit our website to schedule your consultation today!

About Dr. James Forsythe

Dr. James W. Forsythe, MD, is highly respected in the United States for his knowledge of cancer therapy and the legal use of human growth hormones. He is a well-known author and speaker and currently serves as the owner and medical director of Forsythe Cancer Care Center in Reno, Nevada.

Dr. James W. Forsythe, MD, graduated with honors from UC Berkeley in the 1960s and received his Medical Degree from UC San Francisco. After a tour of duty in Vietnam, he returned to San Francisco to complete an internal medicine residency and an oncology fellowship.

Prior to becoming a boarded Homeopathic Physician, Dr. James W. Forsythe, MD, worked as a standard allopathic physician for several years, during which he was the only oncologist in Northern Nevada to treat cancer patients in conjunction with alternative medical physicians. In the 1970s through early 1990s, he observed that patients who integrated conventional treatments with alternative therapies fared better, enjoying a higher quality of life and experiencing fewer side effects from chemotherapy.

Dr. James W. Forsythe, MD, became convinced that while conventional medicine had made great strides in targeting specific cancers with chemotherapy drugs, standard medical methods were not doing enough to stimulate patients' immune systems. In 1995, more than 25 years after becoming a certified medical oncologist, he also earned a homeopathic certificate from the British Institute of Homeopathy. He founded the oncology units at all three large hospitals in Reno, Nevada, as well as the Veteran's Hospital Oncology Clinic. Additionally, he was instrumental in establishing Reno's Ronald McDonald House. Notably, he also raised awareness of the "Cancer Cluster" in Fallon, Nevada, which was caused by high levels of arsenic in the groundwater.

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