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About Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD is a highly esteemed leader in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine, leveraging over three decades of experience and combining the best of all sciences, including homeopathic and conventional treatments. As Medical Director of two unique clinics in Irvine, CA, The Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing, she has created the largest integrative medical clinic in North America, attracting patients from around the world and with a growing patient base of 65,000 individuals.

The Center for New Medicine concentrates on prevention, early detection of disease and cancer, internal medicine, human optimization, yearly physicals, natural hormone replacement, auto-immune disease, chronic issues, and aesthetics. Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD feels we must treat “the whole person” - the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient while determining the origin of the illness.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD founded the Cancer Center for Healing in response to the growing epidemic of cancer, providing scientifically-based treatments and integrative protocols to patients. She advocates for cancer prevention and offers unique testing to detect early stages of cancer, years before conventional scans would reveal them. For instance, through RGCC genetic testing, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD and her team can devise personalized treatment plans for cancer patients, ranging from early to late-stage.

She believes that several factors contribute to the disease process and that multiple modalities can reverse it, given the necessary time and attention with each patient. At her state-of-the-art, multi-disciplined clinic, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD and her team of practitioners offer quality treatments, enabling patients to enjoy improved quality of life.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD has authored two books, "Be Perfectly Healthy" in 2009 and "The Cancer Revolution" published in 2017, which have transformed the field of medicine. She was also named one of the top 50 functional and integrative doctors in the country in 2017 and regularly writes for leading medical publications such as Townsend Letter, WDDTY for Lynne McTaggart, and articles for Josh Axe and Ben Greenfield.

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