Show lessThe LifeCo Phuket Guest Krystle explains how a simple water fasting diet in the right environment helped her deal with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) in a short amount of time! Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term, progressive, and disabling autoimmune disease. It causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in and around the joints and other body organs. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) usually affects the hands and feet first, but it can occur in any joint. Fasting has been a common practice in many cultures, employed for physical, mental and spiritual health. It is nature’s way of allowing your body to cleanse and heal itself. Water fasting, also known as a water cleanse, is a type of fasting in which you consume only water for a set period of time. The LifeCo’s holistic approach to water fasting can help you achieve effective and long term cleanse both physically, mentally and emotionally. Water Fasting Program at The LifeCo consists of MINERAL water, himalayan salt with rich minerals, many natural therapies and treatments that boost your immune system and detoxification. Water is essential for life. Regular hydration and water intake is important to maintain brain and other bodily functions. Water Fasting Program is designed to boost your energy and physical performance levels in for you to maintain in your daily life. It supports your metabolism and ketosis process. As your body switches to ketosis during water fasting, you start to burn more fat. Your body’s detoxification process mainly depends on drinking water. Oxygen in the water helps your digestive system and triggers your body to eliminate harmful toxins. That’s why water fasting is also known as ‘water cleansing’. During water fasting, you take in zero calories Water fasting is a great way to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. During the fasting period, the whole body goes into a resting or recovering state. This is when the body goes into a self regulating machine and starts to eat up damaged cells, tissues, or scars. This process allows the body to go into a serious detoxification mode. Water Fasting also has a highly positive anti-aging effect. During water fasting, you only consume around 3-4 liters of water per day, so your system has no reason to expend energy on digestion, rather using the energy to heal. Increased water intake helps to carry toxins from the body, leading to restoration of the cells and metabolism thus rejuvenating the body from the inside out. During water fasting, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything besides water. This means your body can not access to carbohydrates. When body can not get energy from carbohydrates, it uses fats as primary energy source. This is how water fasting helps break down fats and supports weight loss. Water is very important to maintain a healthy body. Thus, water fasting has tremendous benefits on the body from the inside out. Water fasting helps to maintain brain and other bodily functions. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases by lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. Water Fasting Program at The LifeCo There are two ways of applying Water Fasting program at The LifeCo Phuket: Recommended 21-day Water Fasting Program: We recommend our 21-day Water Fasting-Program, a 14 day water-only diet and an additional 7 day fast-breaking regimen. Why we recommend 21 day Water Fasting Plan is that it has the right duration to form a new habit and dissolve the old one besides helping you cleanse your body effectively, lose excess weight and improve your fitness. Daily Water Fasting Program: If you have limited time or feel ready for only shorter period of time, you can still do the water fasting on a daily basis. During the water fasting program, you will be supervised and monitored by our clinic staff and your program coordinator on a daily basis. As recommended in the program flow below, you should keep consuming enough water throughout the day. Your orthostatic blood pressure will be measured daily and your blood glucose and blood ketone will be measured 3 times weekly by our nurse team to make sure your program goes to plan and the water fast is done safely. Possible Benefits of Water Fasting Improves Body Composition and Fitness Supports Fat Loss and Ketosis Lowers Blood Pressure Decreases Blood Sugar Promotes Greater Satiety Boosts Your Metabolism Encourages Better Insulin Sensitivity Promotes Heart Health Slows Down Aging and Enhances Longevity Decreases Inflammation Improves Cardiovascular Health Improves Blood Triglycerides May Slow Aging and Enhance Longevity Increases Resistance to Oxidative Stress Improves Cell Recycling Protects Your Brain Supports Healthier Collagen in Skin Increases Growth Regulation Reduces Harmful Protein Production Promotes a Healthy Stress Response Keywords related to this topic water fasting retreat how to fast, water fasting results, how to water fast, water fast healing, water diet


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