Fokke & Ho Baarsen

Travel Couple & Lifestyle Photographers Fokke & Ho Baarsen was at TheLifeCo Phuket for 4 days. ‘We were looking for a place to stay in Phuket and decided to combine our vacation plans with a healthy lifestyle journey. We’ve done the Intermittent Fasting Program while our stay here. The first few days we’ve felt the hunger to be honest. But in the following days the energy levels in our bodies started to increase significantly. Throughout the day; we’ve done various meditations, exercises etc. And we’ve spent quite an effort to not miss any of them! We’ve tried vegan food before, but we never really had a liking to it to be honest. However, the raw-vegan menu here has changed our minds about the whole vegan nutrition, and I think we never really missed anything rather than the food here. We believe being healthy is to be mindful of what we eat, choosing healthier more natural and nutritional foods. The more you carefully choose what you eat, the more care you give to your body in a long term and believe me the effects start to show fast!’ Thank you Fokke & Ho Baarsen, for your inspiration! To learn more about The Intermittent Fasting Program: learn more about TheLifeCo Phuket: To learn more about our Detox and Healthy Nutrition Programs: #detox #howtodetox #detoxinphuket

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