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Patricia Gale

Patricia Gale, a New Jersey native, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in January of 2021. Her active lifestyle suddenly came to a halt when a Metastasis had gone into her spine leaving her paralyzed. The life she once knew and adored had drastically changed she knew she needed to seek out help. Patricia was looking for a place that had her best interest at heart and her gut feeling led her to choose treatment at ITC.

“The staff at ITC are all very loving and kind which adds another layer of healing for me. Always feeling safe, respected, and well cared for by the staff at ITC makes me feel confident in my choice.”

When arriving at ITC Patricia was completely paralyzed. After only one treatment at ITC she could already wiggle her toes. After that first treatment, Patricia regained hope that she would walk again. Immunity Therapy Center created a custom treatment plan for Patricia consisting of nutrition, heat therapy, and much more that led her to achieve her dream of leaving ITC walking!

About Dr. Carlos Bautista

Dr. Carlos Bautista opened Immunity Therapy Center™ in 2007 with the goal of providing the highest quality medical care, using alternative cancer therapies that are the most effective, more natural, less aggressive, and patient-focused.

Early in his career, Dr. Bautista saw the enormous potential and effectiveness of alternative therapies and natural treatments. In his more than twenty years of experience, he has helped over five thousand patients. Dr. Bautista has found that in many cases alternative cancer therapies has higher success and survival rates than conventional therapies.

Dr. Bautista has traveled to several countries to study and receive training, and has made it his life’s work to research alternative, holistic cancer therapy options and provide more effective, natural treatment programs to his patients.

Dr. Bautista plans to continue to expand Immunity Therapy Center™ in order to reach and help more people who can benefit from alternative cancer treatments and natural, integrative therapies for other diseases. A compassionate professional, he is overjoyed every time he sees a patient’s hope restored and life reclaimed.

Background & Training

Dr. Bautista’s interest in medicine began at an early age; he always dreamed of being a doctor. While growing up in Tijuana, he often helped at his father’s pharmacy. Right away, he appreciated the interaction between his father and patients, and was drawn to the medical field. From childhood, he hated seeing a sick person without being able to help him or her.

This interest grew, and he enrolled in Baja California State University to study medicine. He is a Board Certified Medical Doctor and holds a Masters in Nutrition from the same university.

Dr. Bautista began his medical career in 1994, working in a hospital that offered alternative medicine and therapies. A turning point in his life occurred when his father was diagnosed with cancer.

As Dr. Bautista watched his father suffer the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, he was driven to further study alternative cancer treatments, both for his father and for other cancer patients. This dedication has not wavered. With more than 20 years of experience working in the medical field, he continues his work in alternative medicine partly as a tribute to his father.

A married father of three, Dr. Bautista enjoys playing and watching soccer/football in his free time.

About Dr. Gilberto Alvarez

Dr. Gilberto Alvarez is a medical doctor who graduated from the National Autonomous University in Mexico City and practices medicine in both Mexico and the United States. He has over 37 years of experience and a longtime practice in integrative and natural medicine for cancer patients. Between the years 1977 and 1981, he worked with Dr. Ernesto Contreras, a well-recognized doctor, founder of Oasis of Hope clinic in Tijuana, and the first doctor to have brought the German methods of therapy to Mexico.

Between 1982 and 1992 he was the medical director at Dr. Harold W. Manner’s clinic, pioneering in nutritional therapy based on laetrile and vitamins. Later on, Dr. Alvarez became the medical director at Stella Maris from 1993 until today. He participated on Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy in Munich, Germany with Dr. Karl Ransberger. He then became a member of the International Clinical Hyperthermia Society (ICHS) in Florence, Italy in 2005. His experience in cancer and other disorders is extensive, and he implements his expertise in different programs given at his clinic.

On a personal level, Dr. Alvarez is a warm person who sees the patient as a whole and shows genuine caring and empathy. He answers patients’ calls personally before and after treatment.

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