Watch as Margi shares her story of hope and healing at Cancer Center For Healing in Irvine, CA. Cancer Center For Healing gives hope to patients who are facing cancer. We wrap total care around the whole person—body, soul and spirit—and provide evidence based cancer treatment protocols that integrate conventional medicine, alternative cancer treatment and holistic modalities.Show lessWe believe that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery have value, but they are limited in most cases. Conventional treatments are only part of what an effective comprehensive healing program should utilize. More and more patients are informed and realize that they need complimentary therapies to help them overcome cancer. They seek help from nutritionists, spiritual and emotional counselors, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, organic food dieticians, massage therapists, and much more. The stress caused by traveling from doctor’s office to doctor’s office, coordinating appointments and trying to avoid contraindications, from the medications prescribed from each practitioner, can be overwhelming. Cancer Center For Healing provides all of these treatment modalities all under one roof. In fact, they are integrated so each treatment works together to provide greater benefit to the patient. The practitioners from each discipline work in concert for the benefit of the patient. There is no travel from place to place. Instead, you will come into our uplifting environment and our healing team will wrap care around you. You will experience all of this in one place. You will benefit from the evidence based integrative cancer treatment that is found nowhere else. CONTACT US: Cancer Center For Healing [email protected] (949) 581-HOPE (4673)

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