How To Heal From Diabetes | Megha’s Testimonial Of Recovery Megha G. shares her testimonial of how to heal from diabetes in this video. A friend of Megha’s recommended that she visit The LifeCo after she had such a positive experience. Megha’s said that our approach to treating diabetes opened her eyes to a different way of looking at it, healing it, and helping herself with it. It is a very holistic, organic and back to earth approach. She continued that she believes the approach is something we know in the back of our heads but don’t bring out and use. Megha’s thinks the reason for this is we get consumed by external stimuli, by all the wrong foods, by pharmaceutical companies, by food companies who just want to pump you full of all the wrong things. Megha shared that she loves being on the trampoline as this is how she started her day each morning. She said she learned a lot about herself while visiting us and being treated for recovery from diabetes. Megha learned about breathwork, yoga and mindfulness and exercise, and fitness. She stated our incredible our staff were and how amazing the facilities are here in Phuket. She utilized many therapies while with us for 7 days. Megha used a steam sauna, and a salt bath after working out which would help with recovery. She ate a raw vegan diet which she said was a treatment in and of itself. Megha had lymphatic work as well which helped drain her lymph nodes of toxins. She had the angel of water colon hydrotherapy treatments for cleansing the colon and she also did the wheatgrass and coffee enemas. The staff sat down with Megha and showed her a personalized treatment plan on how to heal from diabetes. Megha stated how she is bursting with life right now on her seventh day of treatment. She further stated that she can’t stop smiling and added that she also lost weight and inches which in her opinion was just a byproduct of the way she should be living our lives daily. Megha said our treatment program for diabetes cut down on her insulin dosing to zero. She said if you are a diabetic that you need to visit The LifeCo for at least 7 days and see what this program can do for you and your health! The LifeCo Well - Being 75 M.3 Tambon Sa Khu, Thalang District Phuket 83110 Thailand 098 015 9196 #howtohealfromdiabetes #howtoreversetype2diabetes #thelifeco

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