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#2 Dr. Carlos Bautista MD: How his Father's Legacy led him to practice Alternative Medicine

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[00:01:35] Dr. Carlos Bautista's Childhood and his Father's Pharmacy
[00:04:16] Attending Medical School and his Father's Lung Cancer Journey
[00:07:02] Dr. Carlos Bautista's curiosity of Alternative Treatments and commitment to Medical School
[00:09:30] Working with Dr. Kurt Donsbach
[00:11:40] Dr. Carlos Bautista deciding to start his own practice and his life today
[00:14:00] Why do people need to take medicine?
[00:15:35] Differences in Prescriptions in Mexico vs. United States?
[00:17:10] Bacterial resistance build-up to Medications
[00:18:46] Dr. Bautista on approaching his father's age when he passed away
[00:23:00] His family's response to Dr. Bautista deciding to become a Doctor and focus on cancer
[00:24:16] How did your father's diagnosis and cancer journey affect your decision to focus on cancer?
[00:27:51] Why does a full-dose of chemotherapy deteriorate a patient so quickly?
[00:30:58] How Immunity Therapy Center uses Low Doses of Chemotherapy + DMSO for an alternative approach to cancer
[00:34:05] How cancer becomes "invisible" to the Immune System
[00:35:40] What was it about Dr. Donsbach's practice that caught you attention?
[00:38:47] What was the contrast between Dr. Donsbach's practice and what you saw in conventional medicine?
[00:43:00] How does Medical School in Mexico compare to Medical School in the United States?
[00:47:16] Is cancer care in Mexico similar to cancer care in the United States?
[00:51:19] What is the goal with Immunity Therapy Center?
[00:58:58] What Robert has seen at Immunity Therapy Center and Why Dr. Bautista is at the treatment center every single day
[01:02:59] Why does Immunity Therapy Center support both In-Patient and OUt-Patient cases?
[01:05:14] What makes a patient functional vs. non-functional?
[01:06:00] How frequently do all of your Physicians meet together to discuss cases and why is communication so important?
[01:10:26] ITC wants patients to ask questions
[01:12:07] Gaston is an incredible team member at Immunity Therapy Center
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Podcast Name: The Cancer Doctor Podcast
Episode & Title Number: Season 1 Episode 2
Date: Recorded on March 8th, 2023
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