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#1 Dr. Jonathan Stegall MD: From Preemie to Integrative Oncologist

ℹ️ About This Episode

In the very first episode of The Cancer Doctor Podcast, our host Robert Carrillo interviews Dr. Stegall, an integrative oncologist from Atlanta. Dr. Stegall shares his personal background, which includes being born premature and overcoming health challenges in his own life. He recalls being inspired by his grandmother's courageous fight with stomach cancer, which ultimately led him to pursue a career in medicine. This exclusive podcast interview covers topics such as the importance of a patient-centered approach to healthcare, the benefits of combining conventional and alternative treatments, and the need for greater empathy and humanity in medicine. This episode is sponsored by the Center for Advanced Medicine, located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

⏰ Timestamps

  • [00:01:00] Premature birth and destiny.
  • [00:04:31] Alternative medicine and science.
  • [00:09:23] Patient-centric approach in medicine.
  • [00:10:21] Doctor's Lack of Time for Learning.
  • [00:13:39] Insurance and healthcare system.
  • [00:17:14] The future of cancer treatment.
  • [00:21:50] History of chemotherapy.
  • [00:23:39] Fractionated metronomic chemotherapy.
  • [00:28:20] Accumulation of chemotherapy doses.
  • [00:30:07] Chemotherapy for cancer treatment.
  • [00:33:29] Insulin potentiation therapies.
  • [00:39:07] Integrative Oncology and Hyperthermia.
  • [00:40:12] Local hyperthermia and cancer treatment.
  • [00:43:42] Insulin and Cancer Treatment.
  • [00:47:21] Cancer imaging and testing.
  • [00:53:42] Cancer recurrence and monitoring.
  • [00:56:08] Fractionated chemotherapy and financial incentives.
  • [00:58:01] Low dose chemo vs full dose.
  • [01:01:23] Cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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