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#3 Dr. Carlos Bautista M.D.: Crossing Borders for Alternative Cancer Care? | The Cancer Doctor Podcast

In episode #3 of The Cancer Doctor Podcast, we take an extraordinary journey with Dr. Carlos Bautista, a visionary in the realm of alternative cancer treatment. From exploring the unique trust policies within the Amish community to diving deep into the future of cancer therapies, Dr. Bautista opens up a new world of patient-centric care that challenges conventional wisdom. Don't miss this eye-opening episode as we unravel the mysteries of alternative medicine, discuss the transformative approaches at Immunity Therapy Center, and discover how hope and innovation are changing the landscape of cancer treatment.

ℹ️ About This Episode

In this enlightening episode of The Cancer Doctor Podcast, we delve into a comprehensive conversation with Dr. Carlos Bautista. The episode covers a plethora of subjects ranging from crossing the border for healthcare, the Amish community's trust policy, to the future of cancer treatments. This episode provides a profound understanding of alternative cancer care and the holistic approaches at Immunity Therapy Center. This episode is sponsored by Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico.

⏰ Timestamps

[00:00:00] Crossing the border into Mexico for healthcare

[00:05:00] Travel Accommodations

[00:10:00] The Amish Community and Trust Policy

[00:15:00] Expectation of being cured in 4 weeks

[00:20:00] How fragile is your health

[00:25:00] Proactive measures for prevention and Montevale

[00:30:00] Classes and activities offered at the center

[00:35:00] Operating rooms and hospital details

[00:40:00] Free doctor consultations

[00:45:00] Treatments and testing

[00:50:00] Imaging and the importance of timing

[00:55:00] Length of patient stays at ITC

[01:00:00] Past patients and thank-you messages

[01:05:00] What patients should be aware of with a cancer diagnosis

[01:10:00] Doctors' beliefs and guidelines

[01:15:00] Treatments available in Mexico but not in the U.S.

[01:20:00] The future of cancer treatments and ITC

[01:25:00] Environmental variables affecting cancer

[01:30:00] What Dr. Bautista would do if he received a cancer diagnosis

[01:35:00] ITC's approach to care

[01:40:00] Timing and quick diagnosis

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  • Podcast Name: The Cancer Doctor Podcast
  • Episode & Title Number: Season 1 Episode 3
  • Date: Recorded on March 8th, 2023

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