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#4 Dr. Carlos Garcia MD: How self love is NOT self-ish but actually promotes HEALING

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In this episode of the Cancer Doctors Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Carlos Garcia M.D., a once-practicing anesthesiologist whose unexpected career shift led him to the intriguing world of alternative medicine. This discussion delves deep into Dr. Garcia's personal journey—from a life-altering hand injury to his initial skepticism about alternative treatments at a chelation center. We dive deep into Doc's journey from a skeptic to an advocate for alternative medicine & his philosophy on the mind and it's impact on our healing journeys.

⏰ Timestamps

[00:00:52] How Dr. Garcia got into Alternative Medicine & Chelation Therapy [00:09:37] How Dr. Carlos Garcia's hand injury cancelled his career as an Anesthesiologist [00:14:36] Anesthesiology and how it translates to Alternative Medicine [00:19:20] How do doctors know what works and what doesn't? [00:22:24] A tree was Dr. Carlos Garcia's greatest teacher [00:28:36] Common challenges with our current healthcare system [00:38:02] Dr. Garcia sees medicine as an art [00:39:47] How EDTA Chelation Therapy compares to other complementary therapies [00:44:09] Having Fun & Alkalinity in the body [00:48:58] How experience contrasts with knowledge in medicine [00:53:33] What Dr. Garcia looks for in a patient looking to get well at Utopia Cancer Center [01:01:18] The human body was designed to heal itself [01:04:17] How stress & emotions impact a patient (and their doctor) [01:08:23] How can patients feel empowered to take responsibility of their health and their livelihood? [01:12:09] Learn to take care of yourself first, then others [01:22:24] How is cancer a symptom? [01:28:05] Dr. Garcia's next Book & Unconditional Love [01:39:40] Cancer is a Red Alert from the human body to take better care of itself

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Podcast Name: The Cancer Doctor Podcast Episode & Title Number: Season 1 Episode 4 Date: Recorded on April 7th, 2023 Episode Transcript Link


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  • "How you got sick is crucial to figuring out how you're going to get well" — 00:51:00
  • "I can't cure you. You have to heal." — 01:20:00

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