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Colon cleansing is an ancient practice that flushes toxins from the colon. The human body is a highly efficient machine made up of several intricate systems working towards the general well-being of an individual. On occasion, these elaborate systems might be insufficient for maintaining such an imperative task.

The digestive system has been the target for alternative medical procedures, and the colon is a preferred site for treatment in many patients.

Colon cleansing began centuries before the Egyptians and the fathers of modern medicine, including Hippocrates, embraced the practice. The procedure involves using a regulated stream of water to dislodge excess waste and toxic or harmful substances from the walls of the colon.

How Colon Hydrotherapy works

What Research Says about Colon Hydrotherapy

Most of the benefits associated with colon cleansing procedures are speculation, but several organizations have begun pioneering research that has shed some light on this procedure.

According to advice from the Mayo Clinic, colon therapy is beneficial for patients preparing for surgical procedures in the intraperitoneal or colon region. Because of the efficiency of the colon in excreting the majority of the waste material that accumulates on its walls, the benefits of colon hydrotherapy treatment in toxicity reduction are inconclusive.

Other researchers quickly point out the benefits of colonic irrigation using different solutions for patients, including 0.9 percent sodium chloride. However, these solutions, without proper regulation, can lead to developing other complications within a relatively short period.

History of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic flush procedures date back to many major civilizations separately, with Mesopotamia, Greece, and Egypt having the earliest documentation of using water to detoxify for a colon cleanse. In subsequent centuries, pioneering physicians such as Hippocrates, Ambrosia, and Galen also acknowledged the role played by filtered water in the removal of accumulated waste, gut flora, and harmful bacteria from the body’s colon wall.

In the 19th century, colonic procedures were standard practice in many hospitals for preoperative and therapeutic purposes.

The incorporation of modern pharmaceutical methods in modern medicine in the early 20th century changed things. There became an increasing preference for drugs and medications to manage colonic complications instead of colon hydrotherapy.

In recent years, pollution has led to the accumulation of toxins in food material and, consequently, the human body. This result has led to a surge in demand for alternative medical procedures such as colon hydrotherapy, thus adapting to modern-day treatment.

How To use Colon Hydrotherapy

In colonic detoxification or colon hydrotherapy, a tube goes into the colon through the rectum. After successfully inserting the tube, approximately 60 liters (16 gallons) of disinfected water flows into the colon.

Sometimes the water is infused with herbs. Coffee is also sometimes used, but this is discouraged because of the adverse effects of coffee on the intestinal wall.

The key indications for you to begin searching for a “colonic hydrotherapy near me” are usually complications in the lower abdomen. Examples of these complications include:

What to Do

Detoxifying the colon and body in general
Boosting your immune system
Enhancing energy production and utilization
Improving cancer therapy
Relieving chronic pain
Relieving colonic health problems

Risks / Side Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy

Despite being therapeutic, inserting foreign material in the colon is an invasive procedure and is therefore accompanied by significant risk to the patient if done inappropriately.

You may develop side effects when the procedure occurs for more than twenty minutes. Side effects include profuse diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, electrolyte imbalance, colonic trauma, infection, cramping, or dehydration.

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