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The Gonzalez Protocol® is a completely non-toxic, nutritional enzyme treatment for all types of cancer, degenerative diseases, as well as a preventative wellness program. Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. (1947-2015) developed his protocol based on the pioneering work of Dr. John Beard in the 1920s and Dr. William Donald Kelley in the 1980s. The Gonzalez Protocol® consists of three pillars: individualized diet, supplements including pancreatic enzymes, and customized detoxification based on your metabolic type. For more than 40 years, Dr. Kelley and Dr. Gonzalez treated thousands of patients by balancing their patients’ autonomic nervous system so the body can fight off disease and achieve wellness. The proprietary diagnostic tools in The Gonzalez Protocol® enable doctors to metabolically type patients in order to design the best diet, detox and supplement plan for each individual patient regardless of diagnosis. Clinical studies and hundreds of published cancer case studies document the effectiveness of this protocol.

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Recommended "Gonzalez Guardians" Doctors Offering The Gonzalez Protocol®:

Dr. Antonio Jimenez (, On-Site Certified)

Dr. Sarper Diler

Dr. Alex Orton

Dr. Andre Williams

The Best Integrative Cancer Treatment Center that offer Gonzalez Protocol

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