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Thermography is a non-invasive tool that uses sophisticated and high-tech equipment to measure temperature variations using body temperature, heat patterns, and blood flow. Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), a form of thermography, can be used to diagnose breast cancer, inflammation, thyroid disease, and other diseases. Thermography is non-invasive, non-contact, pain-free, and does not emit radiation as mammograms do. As a result, many complementary alternative medicine advocates prefer thermography over mammograms. Thermography is FDA approved; however only approved when used in conjunction with another diagnostic tool such as mammograms and is not approved as a stand-alone diagnostic tool.

Thermography is used in Treatments for

Other Conditions

Breast Cancer
Sinus Infections
Liver Dysfunction
Plantar Fasciitis
Circulatory and Nerve Damage Related Issues
Pancreatic Issues
Pre-diabetic Developments
Thyroid Issues

What to Expect

How is it given?

The thermography exam is non-invasive and done by a certified technician. The procedure typically lasts about 30 min. You will be asked to disrobe from the waist up, and a visual inspection will be done to correlate any findings that may arise in the exam.

Patients are typically left alone to acclimate their body temperature in the exam room for 15 min.

The technician will then instruct you to stand in front of the imaging machine and take a series of images of your breast, underarms, and chest area, including front and side views.

After your doctor analyzes your test, they will deliver your results typically in a few days.

Other Names for Treatment

Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI)


Thermal imaging

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