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Cancer Doctor

Oxygen and How it Affects the Body

In this video, Alfred (Alf) Garbutt spends about 21 minutes speaking on "" at the 45th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Alfred (Alf) Garbutt

ALFRED (ALF) GARBUTT, D.C. graduated from La Verne College. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic that over the years has achieved certification in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Therapeutic Clinical Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Pain Management and Disability Analysis.

He has been studying Nutrition for 50 years and using Clinical Nutrition with patients for 40 years.

In addition to his teaching in the Sports Medicine Dept. of Pepperdine University in the early 1980’s, he has lectured at National and International Conferences on Sports Medicine, Nutrition. TMU disorders and Concession Thaumatic Brain Injury.

Dr. Garbutt has studied with the Hungarian Kaqun Method for dealing with Tissue. Hypoxia (low oxygen) more than any other doctor in North America.


Thank you, Dr. Lyons, and Dr. Coolin sends their apologies. They had to go to China to speak to 35000 doctors about this conflict came up. And since I had supposedly more experience in education on the sub's subject than any other North American doctor, they asked me to fill in for them. So I have a PowerPoint the doctor coolin put together, which will go over the key aspects of Cocoon. And this word is the Hungarian word for Cocoon. Yes, that's how it came about. Dr. Lyons was trying to think of a name and realize the from the movie that Ron Howard made, the revitalization that the older people went through. And that's why he came up with this this name. People sometimes wonder about it. What's this mean? You know.

So basically, were we talking about oxygen and how it affects the body when it's too low? Normally should be fairly constant through our throughout our life and but with age, it's going to decline. And when we're younger, it's about 96. Whether you talks about millimeters of mercury, just like in taking blood pressure, a lot of people don't understand that when some doctor says, oh, it's 120 over 80. The original machines that helped us measure blood pressure had a tube of mercury in it. And the pressure was how much would our blood pressure push up that column of mercury? So it'd be like 100 millimeters. Hundred and fifty millimeters. So that's what that number comes from. So here we're talking about with oxygen, too. How much pressure it can exert in the body. So it decreases as we get older. Typically, however, with Cocoon, we can improve upon that. Various organs will have different amounts. And then inflammation will affect it. And as with cancer sites, it's very typically low. Now, the word hypoxia. Basically, we're looking at diminished or low levels of oxygen. Not a state of no oxygen. That's an oxygen that's going to be death. But hypoxia is a lower state than normal in the body. And it can come from a decrease. The amount of oxygen in the environment, like somebody higher altitude, is going to have less oxygen available to breathe in. And there can be other things that affect that, too. And anemia, where a person may have a deficiency of iron or some B vitamins or less quantity of red blood cells. So there's less oxygen being carried through the blood that can do it. Poor circulation, for whatever reason, will decrease the amount of oxygen in the tissues. Various lung diseases like emphysema, asthma, pneumonia. Again, we can't get as much oxygen in a


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