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Cancer Doctor

Cancer, Heart Disease, Nutrition

In this video, Benjamin Lau spends about 26 minutes speaking on "Cancer, Heart Disease, Nutrition" at the 29th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Benjamin Lau

BENJAMIN LAU, M.D. received his Ph.D. Degree in Immunology from the University of Kentucky, Lexington and his M.D. Degree from Loma Linda University, California. Currently, he is Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine where he has received 16 awards for his excellent teaching of medical students and was bestowed the Basic Science Educator’s Award, the highest honor given by the University for excellence in medical education. More recently, Dr. Lau received the institution’s Distinguished Service Award culminating over 2 decades of service. For his excellence in research, the University, as well as scientific societies, awarded him the Investigator’s Award for Scientific Research on several occasions.

In the area of research, Dr. Lau is internationally recognized for his Cancer Immunology Research using natural plants to modify the tumor outcome. More recently, his research has been focusing on anti-aging medicine with the use of phytochemicals (plant chemicals), antioxidants and other natural remedies to promote youghful aging. He and his associates have been actively involved in garlic research for more than 2 decades.

Dr. Lau maintains a medical practice in which health education and lifestyle medicine play an integral part of the treatment program. He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia conducting health seminars and classes. His research and health educational programs have been featured on many TV networks and radio stations. He has published over 200 scientific research papers and written articles and books for the general public, including 3 books on garlic.


Thank you for the introduction. I'm told today I supposed to stay right in the podium here not to move. Normally when I give lectures, I move around from east to west and south to north. But I want to I want to abide to the request of audio individuals that I will stay just to hear.

And as the mentioned that our group has been involved in Golay research for actually two decades now.

So this is actually our 20's anniversary for Garlett Research. One of my associates that prepared this lie to us set out to celebrate this occasion. And we started out doing studies looking into the entire microbial aspect of that. Golic And also throughout the years to study and tie me to Janet and my cousin Cosmo Janet and to my inhibition activities and immune modulation and also cardiovascular health. Now, most reasons study youth actually involves two areas, the anti-oxidant and also anti-aging properties. Our Golic that pross. Just to show you how excited we are about these studies this morning in the next 20 some minutes. I'm going to review briefly with you what we did in cancer control and we're going to spend some time to look into all our studies on atherosclerosis or cardiovascular health. But before we leaved before I sat down this morning, I'm going to share with you some of our studies on andhigh accident and anti-aging studies. Then at a very end. I want to share with you a recipe, something very protocol for you to take home with you, a recipe that I had to share with my patients and whether you had cancer or you want to prevent cancer, but you wanted to prevent heart disease and whatever. And this recipe will be something you can take home with you. So I will share that with you at a very last a few minutes in my presentation. We have been emailing in our study mainly with the H Garlic EXTRACT trade name. Of course, there's the keyhole it. And I want to mention most these studies. NEARY All these studies that are being carried out in experimental models or animal models. And I want to share with you all very R.E. worked on bladder cancer and we did a study on bladder cancer. This is our landmark study and published in a very prestigious Journal of urology. And we show that Garlic India can control and use their mouse spreader cancer.

And this is a transplantable tumor, weak artery transcription the cancer directly into the bladder of the animals. And we also get treatment directly into a bladder and Wadia transmutation that a tumor in

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