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Cancer Doctor

Colorectal Cancer, Intestinal Inflammation

In this video, Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T") spends about 25 minutes speaking on "Colorectal Cancer, Intestinal Inflammation" at the 44th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T")

ADIEL TEL-OREN (“DR. T”) M.D., D.C., D.A.B.F.M., D.A.B.C.N., C.C.N., L.N. is a sought-after lecturer and expert in Skin Health and Longevity (and the connection between objective measurable skin parameters and whole-body anti-aging), Skin Lesions Treatment and prevention, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Laboratory Tests. He is introducing non-invasive precision instruments for clinical diagnosis of skin aging with powerful treatment protocols, available to all types of practitioners. Dr. T is President Emeritus and Professor of Medical Sciences, Clinical Nutrition, and Functional Medicine at the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico and San Dimas, California (specializing in distant learning).

Dr. T was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and had an extensive career in music before switching to medicine, as a result of long-term interest in health and nutrition stemming from witnessing severe illness and tragedy in his family. He obtained his first doctorate, in Chiropractic Medicine (D.C.), from Northwestern Health Science University, graduating at the top of his class. After several years of successful practice as a Nutrition and Functional Medicine Physician, he returned to school and received his Medical Diploma (M.D.) at the prestigious Pirogov Medical University (Russia’s flagship Medical Institute, which placed 3rd in UNESCO’s competition for the world’s best medical schools, ahead of world-renowned Oxford and Cambridge Universities). He then became certified by the American Boards of Functional Medicine (D.A.B.F.M.), Clinical-Nutrition (D.A.B.C.N.), Disability Analysis (F.A.B.D.A.), and the American Board of Chelation and Oxidative Therapy. He has also obtained his Certified Clinical Nutritionist (C.C.N.) Diploma with the I.A.A.C.N. (International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists), where he is also serving as professor for the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board. He is a Licensed Nutritionist (L.N.) in Minnesota since 1997.

In the past 15 years, Dr. T has lectured world-wide to doctors, health practitioners, and the public. He founded the “Tel-Oren Muco-Cutaneous Lesion Therapy” and trained many physicians who now offer this treatment in several countries and many states (including California, Arizona, Washington & Oregon). This is a highly effective non-surgical, non-medical, non-scarring approach to eliminating Skin and Mucous Lesions of all types and preventing risky developments.

Dr. T is the founder of several humanitarian projects in several countries, including the Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community (, the Everest Learning Academy in Nepal (a network of schools, community centers, and orphanages that educate, nurture, and protect 10,000 disadvantaged Nepali children from child trafficking, prostitution, and slavery). He guides Healthy Humanitarian Holistic Trekking Expeditions in Nepal’s Himalayas twice a year (October 2018 is coming up, still room to join! See, and runs retreats in Thailand, foraging weekends in Wisconsin, a gluten-free Green Bakery, and a healthy restaurant in Minneapolis. He has created the BioActive Plant Fraction(R) Formulas and built a Factory in Nepal that makes the best, healthiest Black Himalayan SULFUR-RICH Salt, both available via All these products, projects, events, and services support the Ecopolitan Communities Humanitarian efforts in Nepal and children’s health worldwide.



Good afternoon.

When we go to Nepal to visit my orphanages, the children are so bedient, they always answer. Good afternoon, sir. So you almost sounded like the children of Nepal.

If that's a compliment today, we're talking about a cancer that is one of the most fearsome ones. Is the cancer that kills men and women alike. In fact, it's the most common lethal cancer in the world. Colorectal cancer. It's very hard to find out about it until it's too late. And most people, even holistic practitioners who are not aware of other options, they might treat people holistically, but they might forget that diagnosis is more important. Sometimes in treatment, especially if you diagnose something really early, you are allowing people the opportunity of survival and having quality of life. And this is something that is important to all of you. Even if you think it does not concern you, because a study that was done I did see in a minute in Europe has shown that 10 percent of the population has colorectal cancer and they don't even know. 10 percent. That's a huge number in America. Assuming 330 million people. How many people, therefore, have colorectal cancer? About 33 million. Contrast that, please, with a number of people that are diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Only about 50000 every year. Do the math and you'll realize that significantly less than one percent of the population that has cancer of the colorectal mucosa gets diagnosed for it. And that's because the gold standard, the colon ASCAP. Actually, Mrs. 99 percent of the cancers.

That is a big statement, isn't it? But it's the truth, because with a colonoscopy, you are waiting for the cancer to become so advance that it will be visible to the naked eye in a camera despite the fecal matter that covers the mucosa. Despite the fact that there is huge miss rate of lesions, despite the fact that the most virulent cancers of the colon are the ones that do not come from polyps. But the ones coming from the flat portion of the mucosa that are not visible to the camera. And despite the fact that many of these cancers are microscopic and take 10, 20, 30 years to develop, therefore we do not catch them until they are large enough, until they are bleeding or extensive. And then we might get lucky to catch them. Even then, we missed a lot of them. And this is according to the journals. The medical journals admit the high miss rate and the high chance of no reproducibility, even if the same patient with cancer is tested twice. There's a high chance that


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