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In this video, Hal Huggins spends about 28 minutes speaking on "Dental Care" at the 27th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Hal Huggins

HAL HUGGINS, D.D.S., M.S. received his Dental Degree in 1962 from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. In 1973, he became involved in the study and research of mercury toxicity and it impact on human health. Through the course of these investigations, Dr. Huggins earned a Post Doctoral Masters of Science Degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1989 with special emphasis in Toxicology and Immunology.

In 1983, Dr. Huggins began a full-time practice devoted to diagnosing and planning treatment for patients suffering from mercury toxicity. He became a Founder of the world renowned Huggins Diagnostic Center, a multidisciplinary Clinic combining Dentistry, Medicine, Nutrition, Psychology and other healing Therapies dedicated to the treatment of disease.

Dr. Huggins has published over 50 articles concerning nutrition, child growth and development and mercury toxicity, root canals and cavitations. He is also a prolific author including Why Raise Ugly Kids, It’s All In Your Head, Uninformed Consent, Solving the MS Mystery, Your Goose Isn’t Cooked—Yet!, Who Makes Your Hormones Hum? and the latest, It’s Right Under Your Nose.

Dr. Huggins is currently a Consultant in 3 countries at Multi-Disciplinary Dental Revision Centers that practice the Huggins Protocol for removing toxic dental materials and hidden infections in the mouth that challenge the immune system creating disease, fatigue and a myriad of health problems with their related symptoms.

Dr. Huggins may be contacted for consultation at his office located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by phone 866-948-4638 and by website


Is this working? Is there anybody out there?


Oh, okay. We're all getting high this morning. That's good. All right.

Yes, I have been fighting, waging the battle on mercury toxicity for some years.

Yeah, I've never got as many pictures as I've had taken. Nobody has ever given me a copy except the time I ripped my pants. And I'm not going to do that for you today. He's just going to sit down there and wait for me to do something wrong.

Something on my nose. So I blew my nose. Oh, when I do blow my nose…. Oh, I see. Yeah. Reminds me of my wife, Murgatroyd. Always watching. Yeah. Okay. It is fun for me to be back here again.

Calories vs. Chemistries

I've spoken before this group several times before. And having lectured about 1300 days throughout the last 30 years, there are certain types of groups that you like to talk to, and there's some you don't. Yeah, it was speaking that taught me that. Well, that's where I learned to hate nutritionists. I'll tell you, when you start talking chemistry to nutritionists instead of calories, you are really on a different wavelength. What I do with nutrition is very simple. You tell me what to do, I watch the blood chemistry and your blood chemistry tells me how much carbohydrate, fat and protein you need. It's not something that you have to get out of a book. It certainly has nothing to do with blood type. That makes me shudder. What I'm supposed to eat according to my blood type, I'd starve to death on. But this is called the ancestral diet. By looking at the chemistries. You can determine. If you're eating…. It's kind of complicated, but over a period of 30 years, I've figured it out. If you're eating too much carbohydrate, your carbohydrate tests are too high. If you're not earning enough, they're too low. There is a similar sort of thing that's used with protein and fat, but I'll keep that as my secret.

Harmful Effects Of Mercury On Humans

There's one thing I haven’t ask in a long time, and I'm wondering if I have permission to ask this group. It's been so long since I've said if there are any members of federal or state regulatory agencies in the hall, would you please identify yourself at this time?

I'm glad I wore my bullet proof vest. Oh, yeah. There was a guy up here with a big heart. He was selling freedom. It's surprising what they do to you in the United States when you do something different, when you do

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