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In this video, Dan Labriola spends about 27 minutes speaking on "Health, Cancer Patients" at the 39th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Dan Labriola

DAN LABRIOLA, N.D. graduated from Syracuse University in New York with a B.S. Degree in Aerospace Engineering and later graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington with his Naturopathic Degree.

Dr. Labriola is a practicing Naturopathic Physician and Founder of Northwest Natural Health, a Specialty Care Clinic, in Seattle. He is also the Director of Naturopathic Services for the Swedish Medical Center, Swedish Cancer Institute and for Seattle Children's Hospital Cancer Program. In addition, he is a Consultant for a number of area hospitals specializing in the use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) with conventional medical treatments. He assists patients and physicians to effectively combine Conventional and Alternative Methods and is one of the first CAM Physicians to treat patients in a hospital environment on a regular basis.

Dr. Labriola has been repeatedly honored as one of "The Top Physicians of Seattle" in polls of physicians and nurses, published by Seattle Magazine and Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

He is the author of the book called Complementary Cancer Therapies and numerous articles that have appeared in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Dr. Labriola may be contacted through his Specialty Care Clinic located in Seattle, Washington by phone 206-784-9111, fax 206-784-7444 and website


Well, good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming this afternoon. And thank you to the society for inviting me down here. This is a treat I always love coming to L.A. and I work in a lot of major hospitals with a lot of high intensity, high technology folks. And it's really nice to kind of come home to people who think like I do. So I'm going to start by telling you an anecdote that was actually published.

There's some young young folks that are going to be giving out some packages. And one of them you'll see part of that package is the Swedish update. Swedish Medical Center is the largest hospital medical system in the northwest, and they published the story about a fellow named Bob Holmstrom. And this is a place I'd like to start, Bob, when he was fairly young, in his 50s, never smoked, ran five miles a day, healthy, healthy guy, goes to the doctor one day with a cough and discovers that he has stage four lung cancer. Not the best news you could get. Obviously, he underwent one series of chemotherapy at a very young medical oncologists, actually not as Swedish at another institution, and became desperately ill and stopped treatment. He subsequently lost 40 pounds, was basically sent home to die. He was on hospice. He was not not doing very well. When I saw him, he was had about two weeks to go. He lost all this weight. He was got. I mean, some of you have been around patients who are dying. Know what that looks like. He could just barely get up out of a chair. He had a pick line, which is basically an I.V. line that runs to the central vein, not doing very well, to put it mildly. And, you know, everyone was concerned about dealing with the cancer. And what we did was to, for the moment, ignore the cancer. And instead we treated the symptoms that he had, but addressed them fundamentally instead of trying to just mask the symptoms. So he was not able to take down any food, which was one of the reasons he'd lost so much weight and he lost all his muscle mass. Everything he put in his mouth just came back out both ends. All of the drugs in the world couldn't suppress that. And then they tried very hard. And we have a very good hospice system. So these people are very competent about what they do. So we treated him with some botanicals. And as I said, you can you can read this whole story in here later. And it's all been verified, actually,


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