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Cancer Doctor

Herbal Formulas, Cancer Management

In this video, Tsu-Tsair Chi spends about 30 minutes speaking on "Herbal Formulas, Cancer Management" at the 40th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Tsu-Tsair Chi

TSU-TSAIR CHI, Ph.D., born in China, came to the US and earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers State University, New Jersey in 1978. Since then, he has been involved in Infectious Disease work at E.R. Squibb and Sons, Inc. in New Jersey and Cancer Screening at Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Co. in Michigan. He was also the Laboratory Director at Omicron Incorporated in Redlands, California where he worked in the fields of cancer and atherosclerosis. In 1988, Dr. Chi developed a California state-licensed Neostop Anti-Tumor Vaccine for poultry. He has also received a patent for the detection of antibodies against a chronic gonadotropin-like substance.

Dr. Chi has published articles on his herbal formulas in Journals such as the “International Journal of Integrative Oncology” and “Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.” Some of his herbal formulas include Myomin, an aromatase reducer for estrogen-dominant conditions and Angiostop, a sea cucumber extract that blocks new blood vessel formation from tumors and induces cancer cell death by activating caspases. Additional clinical cancer research on Angiostop are published in the “International Journal of Cancer” and “Cancer Biology & Therapy.”

For over 30 years Dr. Chi has been the President of Chi’s Enterprise, Inc. located in Anaheim, California and he may be reached by phone 714-777-1542, fax 714-777-7186, email [email protected] and website


Good morning. I'm very honored to speak here. Okay, today I we're talking in your stop reviving in my omae often the NHL. Oh, based on the scientific data point. So they can compete with that. So, so much of talks together. You'll see the results.


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OK. The new talks in the 1990s, a FTA proved the Herceptin Herceptin is a breast cancer. That's only the first one called the NDU Janis's inhibitors. So 1999, the NCI, they want to everybody is studying that, the R TKD drug terracing kindnesses, if they're also indigenous. They're also called a smart drug. OK, also called a target, Zork. So we wanted this target talk. So we put Target to different the cancer at to harm the body. That's it. See, this is a Wall Street Junor. In 2002, they put put it in a cancer cell. They have the powers and kindnesses receptor. Stick out the cancer membrane when they're waiting for assuaging or waiting for cause factor. Will they. Pandian it causing cancer. But if a region become a bigger cause, it Kenzer intuitiveness is a metastasized and causing Kenzer invasion and also the Kenzer stop apoptosis. So they're looking. Anybody can stop that are Teekay receptor. So also could the smart drugs. OK, then. The article inhibitors to to Kimmo article inhibits our smart or targeted to destroy you only cancer cells live in normal cell. Healthy smalltalk include like Herceptin for breast cancer, Eppstein for colon cancer, Tarceva for lung cancer, and the Soudan for kidney cancer. So are we so far have tough talk in the market. But they are very expensive. So is his company to not cover this in the first line treatment plus means first line treatment means if you have a cancer that they want to, you do chemo first.

You see the next one. See how to comparison. If a colon cancer you're treated the five a view then.

Without the two, the harvest in the bottom one, you can see them with the five of you failed. Then they put the adversary in, even give a thousand dollar monthly. The drug is survivor. We'd only say one point two percent. But if you give them everything in the first line to them and when you get the cancer, you right away give them. They'll get it. Fifty one percent survival rate is published in 2005. So that's why I give you idea. This target talk is a very, very important right away. You need to use as a first line treatment. Then we give you and just stop and just stop. Is that


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