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Cancer Doctor

Herbal Formulas, Cancer Management

In this video, Tsu-Tsair Chi spends about 27 minutes speaking on "Herbal Formulas, Cancer Management" at the 42nd Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Tsu-Tsair Chi

TSU-TSAIR CHI, Ph.D., born in China, came to the US and earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers State University, New Jersey in 1978. Since then, he has been involved in Infectious Disease work at E.R. Squibb and Sons, Inc. in New Jersey and Cancer Screening at Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis Co. in Michigan. He was also the Laboratory Director at Omicron Incorporated in Redlands, California where he worked in the fields of cancer and atherosclerosis. In 1988, Dr. Chi developed a California state-licensed Neostop Anti-Tumor Vaccine for poultry. He has also received a patent for the detection of antibodies against a chronic gonadotropin-like substance.

Dr. Chi has published articles on his herbal formulas in Journals such as the “International Journal of Integrative Oncology” and “Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients.” Some of his herbal formulas include Myomin, an aromatase reducer for estrogen-dominant conditions and Angiostop, a sea cucumber extract that blocks new blood vessel formation from tumors and induces cancer cell death by activating caspases. Additional clinical cancer research on Angiostop are published in the “International Journal of Cancer” and “Cancer Biology & Therapy.”

For over 30 years Dr. Chi has been the President of Chi’s Enterprise, Inc. located in Anaheim, California and he may be reached by phone 714-777-1542, fax 714-777-7186, email [email protected] and website


Good morning. Thank you.

Yeah. Today, we're talking three products from the nacho sauce and you stop reviving in Miami and just stop is the most hot.

The the Eddie Cancer supplements right now is foam sea cucumber extract, special kind reviving. Is that a teeny inhibitor for the erbe separate.

My own mien is very popular for old medical group. They do it at home. They all know Miami is for hormone related Kenzer.

OK, so we're studying here.

And just a secure cover extract and just stop is the sixth country in the whole world.

Six countries starting right now. And England, Netherlands, Japan, China, Korea and the United States. So we have almost 20 publication and talking. So many mechanism.

And they're also creating a study. So tosing kindness is a coda ticket. Our ticket is terracing. Kindness receptor is a special protein. And that that is very, very relator. The Kaser gross. So if we can brocket the terrorist Catoosa receptor, then cancer will stop there. And they have a 20 kind of receptor.

So we m of a four major one.

Then you can see this is a cancer cell.

Kansas Sale, then this is a receptor terracing candidate receptors stick out of a cancer membrane, so they have a mini 20 kinda by way. And just stop a sea cucumber extra can do four of them than any of the risks they, of course, factor. Attack the band into the receptor. Cancer will grow cancer. Well, metastasis, Genesis and the cancer never die apoptosis. So you can see one spatial kinda sequel compared. This isn't. We have a over 200 species seeking but only this kind. They produce the the products they can inhibitor the EGFR, EGFR, PD, EGFR, FTF, vascular and those industry also affects. This is very important. And why this was an EGFR epitope.

A causal factor is this too is a major and the FGF is fibroblast growth factor. This is stem cell Kanako respect this tree and that any kind of relator leukemia and lymphoma either plaited derive the growth factor receptor. So this is all part of the this. This past 10 years. Very hot topic to see here. See, this is the structure or active ingredient in the signal giver. OK, so this is already paid for the the new. Anyway, you already started this compound for the new trucks. But this is as you can see, this is the woman have a five hour hour and eleven Karamoja tumor and then after chemo. But the still last angiogenesis, it goes in but 10 weeks. But stop that and put it in. Just stop in then a


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