Hyaluronic Acid, Poly-MVA, Vitamin C, Oxygenation, Homeopathy

In this video, Ahmad Nasri spends about 26 minutes speaking on "Hyaluronic Acid, Poly-MVA, Vitamin C, Oxygenation, Homeopathy" at the 35th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Ahmad Nasri

AHMAD NASRI, M.D., H.D., C.F.B.T., born in Lebanon, received his Bachelor of Sciences in Biology from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 and his Doctor of Medicine Degree at the Universidad Technologica de Santiago, Dominican Republic in 1987. He then started a Surgical Program at the Universidad Central del Este Medical Center, Santo Domingo to graduate as a General Surgeon in 1997. He was in private Surgical Practice from 1997 to 2001.

Dr. Nasri’s involvement in Alternative Medicine started in 1997 when he met the late Rudy Falk, M.D., a Canadian Oncologist with an international reputation for being the first Oncologist to integrate Alternative Therapies into mainstream Oncology. He was the first doctor to use Hyaluronic Acid and Poly-MVA on human patients as part of his successful Anti-Cancer Therapy. Working together with Dr. Falk, Dr. Nasri was the Medical Director of “The Americas Research and Treatment Center” from 1997 to 2001, and Integrative Clinic for the treatment of Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Cancer in the Dominican Republic. He co-managed all the patients with Dr. Falk and developed a keen interest in his integrative approach. He was motivated to obtain his basic proficiency in Chelation Therapy from the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), and become an active member of the “American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, A4M.”

After Dr. Falk’s sudden passing, Dr. Nasri moved up to Canada and became the Director and Co-Founder of the Nasri Chelation and Integrative Medicine Center, an integrative medical Clinic in Ontario, Canada, where he carried on Dr. Falk’s practice. He then dedicated his time to become a certified Homeopathic Doctor and a Diplomate in Biofeedback Therapy, which enabled him to devise a unique holistic therapeutic protocol and hence become one of the leading integrative medicine professionals in Canada.

Dr. Nasri has published numerous articles and frequently lectures on various health topics, but mainly Integrative Cancer Therapy, Women’s Health, Chelation Therapy and Energy Medicine.

He can be reached by phone at his Clinics at 705-735-2354 and 905-266-0959 or check his website www.nasri-integrativemed.com.


Thank you, Frank.

I would like first to thank the Cancer Control Society for inviting me and giving me this chance to speak in front of you, it's a real pleasure. I've been here the last two years, but this is the first time to speak to the general public here in. Universal City. What I'm gonna be talking about. I know the title on the lecture. It's a long, poorly MBA. How ironic. I said it's summarized as an integrative, integrative approach to cancer therapy. We've in the last two days, I think all of us attended. Uh, several lectures that discussed and showed the efficacy of. Very successful, several successful treatments. We've heard things about vitamin C, we've heard things about Latrelle, hyperbaric oxygen and so on and so forth. MVA, when Dr. Lieberman the first day discussed clinical cases to my lecture today, I don't want to go over the whole thing again.

I just want to stress and try to provide a model of a real integrative cancer therapy where we want stress only on tumor killing.

We want to address and approach the patient as a whole.

Just a little bit of introduction.

I was trained conventionally as a general surgeon and I was practicing general surgery in Santa Domingo, which is the capital of the Dominican Republic. And I was teaching medicine there in a medical school. And I had a couple of students. One of them was a natural path and the chiropractor and they knew of the late Dr. Rudy Falck. I don't know how many of you have ever heard of Dr. Falk, but Dr. Falck was the first. Canadian oncologist to start integrating alternative therapies into mainstream. So he was a real maverick up in Ontario. And when they met, I didn't know about him by then. So they told me that they had the vision of having or establishing an integrative medical facility in the Dominican Republic. And I was I agreed to that. I was kind of I was practicing general surgery, wasn't satisfied professionally with that. So we opened the clinic. So Dr. Falck and the other doctors were coming down with patients to the Dominican Republic, similar case to the clinics in Tijuana. And we had the real integrative facility where all the doctors, conventional and alternative, played together. And we had every night around table discussing all the patients and hearing the feedback from each professional and planning for next day treatment. So this is, I think would be the best. That's our vision and that's what integrative means. It was fifteen years ago. By then, very few people talked about integrative now. Everybody's talking

Vitamin C

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