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Immune System, Kaqun Water

In this video, Robert Lyons spends about 55 minutes speaking on "Immune System, Kaqun Water" at the 42nd Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Robert Lyons

ROBERT LYONS, M.D. was born in Budapest, Hungary and received his M.D. Degree from International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1992. From 1992 to 2006 he was employed by the Eastpark Research Corporation of Henderson, Nevada. His work there included producing olive leaf extracts. In 1998 he was the Director of the Department of the Human Research of Medical Products Licensing Department.

In 2000 he did research and product development and published a book on Indium Life Element. From 2001 to the present Dr. Lyons has been Head Physician of Kaqun Hungary, LTD, where he developed and organized Kaqun studies. He also ran a Serodiagnostic Laboratory looking for a fungus in the blood called Systematic Mycosis.

He also published a book called Staying Alive using Kaqun water, in which a successfully treated patient is followed through their protocols. The National Institute of Oncology in Budapest gave government approval for improving the health of Stage IV melanoma cancer patients using Kaqun water.

In 2010, President Barack Obama gave Dr. Lyons an award for helping mankind.

Dr. Lyons may be contacted at his clinic called European Kaqun System by e-mail [email protected] and website


Thank you so much for inviting us to be here today.

We came all across the Atlantic from Europe because we're seeing that we have something. What not everybody has stelae at here.

And we'd like to share with you what we have, what we are thinking about, what we have, how we tested, what we have.

And I have to come closer than OK and what clinical results. We have. And this is what we have is called Cocoon.

What is so special? What is cocoon water? Coconut water is a result of an electrolysis process. You know, a normal electrolysis is when you have. Split the cleavage between the hydrogen and oxygen of the water molecule. Normally, if you do the electrolysis, you end up with the hydrogen and oxygen bubbling out of your two electrodes. But if you check this special process, what we call Cocoon, you get disturbed because you have the bubbling on one electrode and no bubbling on the other electrode. So as does is so strange how it is possible that these split the rocks, the water into hydrogen and oxygen and just the hydrogen is leaving and the oxygen stays and remains in the water. Now comes the big trick, because the oxygen solubility of the water is extremely low.

So if we are speaking about oxygen, gas, oh two or even oh three ozone, you can put very little of these gases dissolved in the water.

But with the cocoon technology on the surface of this special place, a very special form of oxygen is formed, what we call liquid clusters.

We use huge machines to produce that. So it's not something what you can produce on your kitchen table and it's not like anything others with water, aka licensing technology, where you just played the H3.

Oh, from the toxic hydroxyl radicals.

Why is it so important and why we think that this technology can help, uh, restoring health?

Let me quote, uh, Auto Viborg from the Sirtis. Uh, from his, uh, famous, uh, novel, uh, low rate speech, that there are numerous secondary causes of cancer. But the only primary cause of cancer is that the energy production of the cell is switched from the respiration to fermentation of sugar. So in each and any type of cancer on a settler level, you'll find a huge difference between the cancer cell and the noncancerous cells. And this is that the energy production goes to a very low level. So to understand more.

Why is it so important? We have to talk a little bit about the function of the mitochondria. You all know that at each and every of


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