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Micro-Circulation Therapy

In this video, Rita Ellithorpe spends about 24 minutes speaking on "Micro-Circulation Therapy" at the 43rd Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Dr. Rita Ellithorpe

In 1982, Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD, earned her medical degree from the Chicago Medical School located in North Chicago, IL. Following this, she completed her residency in Family Practice at Womack Army Hospital in Fort Bragg, NC, in 1983. From there, she relocated to Fort Knox, KY, where she served as an emergency room staff physician, general medical officer, and flight surgeon. She also held the position of Chief of the Aviation Clinic from 1983-1990.

Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD, went on to earn a second doctorate in Integrative Medicine from the Capitol University of Integrative Medicine in Washington, D.C. She currently serves as a guest faculty member at the same university where she teaches courses on anti-aging medicine and natural hormone replacement therapy.

As a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Founder and Medical Director of Tustin Longevity Center, Dr. Rita Ellithorpe MD is recognized as an expert in her field. She has conducted extensive research on Oxidative Stress and Anti-Aging, which has been widely published. Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, MD, is also a respected speaker and author.

Dr. Rita Ellithorpe MD's patient-centered approach emphasizes the importance of nutrition in achieving optimal health. To this end, she regularly evaluates various treatment options and meticulously records the outcomes. Her practice is founded on a functional model that harmoniously combines conventional western medicine with efficacious natural therapies.


All right, so I'm going to talk to you a little bit while the audio troll.

The general audio visual apparently is not working and I have some audio visuals where I'm going to be actually showing you human capillaries, the tiniest, tiniest vessels in your body. And as he's setting that up, I want you to understand that whatever therapy that you're talking about, whether it's a diet therapy, whether you have a nutrient, an antioxidant, a detox program, an exercise program, whatever therapy that you are using or several therapies, I believe in several therapies because we see everything at our clinic and we employ many of them. If you don't have a camp, Hillary, that will deliver that nutrient to the cell side, you are frankly wasting your money. Do you understand? You're all at this point, ladies and gentlemen, you have to have a capillary that is going to deliver what you take orally or what you put in your big vein through an I.V.. Be at high dose, fight them and see which we do. Colation therapy, which we do. Or your dietary therapies. So ever since I was a child and my father was in food research, I've grown up in this entire alternative movement. I did a doctorate in integrative medicine. I've been with the biggies, you might say Clean Heart. Hohns Dnieper came to teach us in the 90s about the energy medicine. I, Rivette, Rick Bokhara, essence oils, colation therapy. All these things were done and I went through this as a medical doctor because I saw from my father's experience working at Armer Food Research that in fact our country was headed to a meeting with chronic degenerative diseases because he could see it doing his research at Armer Foods. So the long and the short of it was when I learned this, they were teaching us about electromagnetic energy. How many of you have heard of Applied Kinesiology? Right. So you're all informed.

OK, what about by digital overing testing of over her. Yes. OK. Some of you heard of that. What about the energy according to Wall where you hold the two metal ends and they send a little current through you and they do test and give you a computer printout?

You heard all of that, right? OK.

So I was all involved in this kind of research. But as a medical doctor and target practice and not do male practice, I had to have real science. So I wasn't saying energy medicine wasn't working, but I wanted to wait for a moment when a the technology was defined and secured in reproducibility, because as a scientist

Micro-circulation Therapy

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