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Modified Citrus Pectin, Cancer

In this video, Isaac Eliaz spends about 25 minutes speaking on "Modified Citrus Pectin, Cancer" at the 44th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Isaac Eliaz

ISAAC ELIAZ, M.D., L.Ac., a native of Israel, earned his Medical Degree and Residency Training at Tel Aviv University in 1986. Simultaneously, Dr. Eliaz pursued graduate studies in Clinical Herbology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in Classical Chinese Medicine. In 1989, Dr. Eliaz moved to the San Francisco Bay area in order to continue his studies at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, earning a Master of Science Degree in 1991. Since 1991, Dr. Eliaz maintains a busy private practice in Sebastopol, California at the Amitabha Clinic, where he is also Medical Director. His Clinic and practice focus primarily on integrative, holistic and nutraceutical approaches for cancer patients. Dr. Eliaz focuses his medical career and lectures on integrative medical approaches to cancer prevention and treatment, as well as immune enhancement. He has also taught courses on Traditional Chinese Medicine for medical doctors and licensed Acupuncturists. As an innovative formulator of dietary supplements, Dr. Eliaz is Founder and President of EcoNugenics, Inc. in Santa Rosa, California. As a major researcher, he has developed and currently holds the patents for several of his unique herbal and nutraceutical formulations that are available through leading integrative medical professionals. Dr. Eliaz is a pioneer in Modified Citrus Pectin research. Citrus pectin is a soluble fiber used extensively in various food preparations. Modified citrus pectin has been specifically modified in order to reduce its molecular weight and change its structure. The end result is a smaller molecule that can get absorbed into the blood and exert its beneficial actions. Published clinical trials have demonstrated the ability of MCP to prevent cancer metastasis, and slow the growth of cancer. MCP can also chelate toxic heavy metals. To contact Dr. Eliaz at his Clinic, you can call Amitabha Medical Clinic at 707-829-5900. For more product information, you can call EcoNugenics at 800-308-5518. For research and other valuable health information, log onto


Good morning, everyone. I'm very honored to be here again. I've been here a few times over the years, but my first lecture here on this topic of modified introspecting did take place 20 years ago. And my journey was modified. It was picked. It is an interesting journey.

Each day it started it's I'm a native of Israel, which used to be famous in the citrus industry.

And my neighbor is Ruth and Lee Aucoin. We are pioneers in this city with the industry. There are PGD, organic chemists and the main chemist in the industry. And I was 13 years old. Twelve and a half. Twelve, actually, years old. Boy. 1971. I'm 56 years old. And we walked in the evening to Ruth Howard and out of the blue she turned to me and she told me, Isaac, one day that we'll find a treatment for cancer from the appeal of the citrus fruit. And somehow it stuck in my mind. And 24 years later, with when the first paper, which I to show its slide by Dr. Pianta, led by Dr. Ruhs that I collaborate with now, came about modified seeds, was pectin and prostate cancer. I picked the phone and told the truth. This is Isaac calling you from San Francisco. I don't expect you to remember, but I remember what you told me when you were 12 years ago. Twelve years old. And I need your help. And she put me with the research scientist into a long journey and journey as it usually first they say they ridicule you, then they tell you, then they fight you and then they say it's self evident. So now I just self evident face. Whereas the NIH is sponsoring studies, we are at the end of a phase three FDA approved clinical trial and it's going to become mainstream, what I like to say, 20 years overnight success.

So I'm going to show you only some of the highlights because we never imagined that this thing is going to be as big as it is.

I was just granted a patent and months ago, my sixth or seventh patent on the category of modified of Pickton's in general is galectin three blockers to inhibit inflammation. And Jesse, you get a sense that over 5000 papers on the topic. No. And it was nice after almost 17 years to get this patent and kind of acknowledge this road that I started.

It does feel good. And I see. So is during this year, you can see some of the institute that we have collaborated with.

Very unusual to see Harvard, NIH, USDA, Boston Medical, Columbia and so on.


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