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Psychological Immune System

In this video, Jane Goldberg spends about 23 minutes speaking on "Psychological Immune System" at the 44th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Jane Goldberg

JANE GOLDBERG, Ph.D. received a Masters Degree in Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York City and another in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn. Her Ph.D. is from City University of New York. Dr. Goldberg has had two professional passions: Psychoanalysis and Holistic Health. As a Psychoanalyst, she has authored eight books, including the acclaimed The Dark Side of Love. She has hosted her own television talk show, and has been called as an “expert” guest on many TV talk shows, as well as on National Public Radio. Pursuing her passion in holistic health, Dr. Goldberg has founded and directed three Holistic Spa/Wellness Centers, including La Casa Spa & Wellness Center (, the oldest wellness center in New York City, now celebrating its 23rd anniversary. In her specialization of working with cancer patients as an Oncological Psychologist, Dr. Goldberg has integrated her psychoanalytical work with the field of holistic health. Dr. Goldberg is a frequent blogger on her own site, Musings From 20th Street, as well as writing for Huffington Post, GreenMedInfo, The Truth About Cancer, NaturalNews, HealthNutNews and Epoch Times. She is also the founder and Director of Brainercize, a system of interactive, integrative brain exercize programs designed to maximize brain functioning ( La Casa De Vida Natural, Dr. Goldberg’s destination wellness center located in the Puerto Rican rain forest, is planning to re-open in the winter of 2016 after extensive renovation. Dr. Goldberg may be contacted by phone 212-477-6039, email [email protected] and website


I ran into unexpectedly a friend from New York.

Out in the lobby a few minutes ago as I was walking in and I said as soon as the last lecture finishes, the room is going to clear because nobody wants to hear about their psyche. So Lorraine wanted me to call my talk. Building a psychological immune system, I think of it as psyche meat, soma. So I am an oncological psycho analyst and oh no, I want to go here.

I'm the author of eight books, the last one on the right. My mother, my daughter myself is the one that just came out last week.

Actually, this is my center in New York, Lacoste, a spa wellness center. We started in Puerto Rico as a healing retreat in the rainforests and opened up 23 years ago in New York with the oldest holistic wellness center in New York City, actually.

So what I want to begin with is saying that the fundamental crisis of health today is that all of the degenerative diseases and most of the diseases that we're thinking about, of course, including cancer, are degenerative diseases. They're being treated with acute diagnostic methods and care. And this is a serious problem, and it's why the Western medical people are not getting better results.

So I want to think about death, because if you have been diagnosed with cancer, then you're thinking about death. And I think that, of course, we're thinking about the body and the loss of the body, except that getting a cancer diagnosis is also a very deeply experiential, personal phenomenon. So I'm going to talk a lot about the psyche and the meaning of how it is that death and life intersect with cancer. How do we find meaning in our cancer? And I keep pressing this in order to move that.

So I'm going to use the word cure and I'm going to use it in a way that is not going to get me either arrested or murdered. In New York, we had the two most famous holistic oncologist, Mitch Gaynor and Nick Gonzalez both die rather suddenly. And of course, there's talk about them being murdered. So I don't I don't. That's not what the faith that I want to have for myself. So I'm going to use the word cure in a way that is not going to get me in trouble.

So if we look at the etymology of cure, it comes from the Latin word cure, which means anxiety and sorrow, but it also means care, concern. And so cure means that we have to bring an active process to our affliction. And in


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