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Cancer Doctor

Reversing Cancer, Natural

In this video, Thad Mauney spends about 29 minutes speaking on "Reversing Cancer, Natural" at the 39th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Thad Mauney

THAD MAUNEY, Ph.D. was trained in Chemistry at the University of Arizona, Tucson, earning a Bachelor of Science with Honors in 1974, and Analytical Chemistry at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, earning a Ph.D. in 1984. He is also trained in Tibetan Buddhism and was ordained as a Lama at the Billings Dharma Center in 1994.

As Director of Research and Development with GeoResearch, Inc. in Billings, Montana, and Senior Scientist with Michael Baker Jr., Inc., Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. Mauney developed a variety of tools and software for Environmental Science, Range Science and Geographic Information Systems, and was awarded a US patent on his "Interactive Mapping System" in 1993.

He now focuses on nutritional means to correct unhealthy metabolic states and to maintain optimal health. As a scientist, he approaches health topics from the principles of human biology and metabolism, as well as evidence from clinical trials and case reports. Additionally, as an energy worker he applies the intuitive approach to facilitate healing, and strives to integrate the analytic and intuitive approaches.

Dr. Mauney has written 2 books: Preventing & Reversing Breast Cancer Naturally and Preventing & Reversing Prostate Cancer Naturally, and 2 booklets: Protecting Yourself from MRSA and No Decline on preventing cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease, plus a variety of articles in a regional health magazine called Natural Life News in Livingston, Montana.

Thad works as a nutritional health scientist and educator and can be contacted at P.O. Box 2255, Billings, Montana 59103 and by e-mail [email protected].


Well, really, it really is a pleasure to be here today, and I want to thank you all for being here. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'd like to try to give you an overview of the idea that cancer is a reversible condition. We can consider it a disease if we want to, but we I'm not going to use the word cure because that seems to be owned by a group of people of which I'm not a member. So we'll use the word reverse. All we want to do is be healthy. Right.

So for my convenience, let me say that they're for this discussion. Cancer is just a tissue that's comprised largely of cells that are somehow deranged in metabolism. My training is in chemistry, so I'm going to think metabolically somehow. This deranged metabolism is not operating properly under normal homeostatic controls so that the cells proliferate without proper regulation. But we should think about the fact that cancers grow really slowly for the first years and decades. So there obviously is some regulation there. It's not unregulated. It's just differently regulated and not normally regulated. OK. So cells with a bad metabolism. There's a lot of glycolysis. That means burning sugars, just chopping the sugar in half and throwing it away. This is the so-called anaerobic resprout ranter, anaerobic metabolism, Otto Warbird.

Obviously, we know that he he pioneered this idea. His main work, the work for which he received the Nobel Prizes, was on oxidative respiration, oxidative phosphorylation. However, they were not on stopping cancer, but stopping cancer became his great passion. And he lectured at every opportunity even to the Association of Nobel Laureates about his theory of how to stop this crazy business of letting cancer go on. Second problem there. Almost all cancers have high levels of inflammatory, say messenger, cellular messengers, nuclear factor, cap B is looking cappa. B, these things are telling the stem cells to stay in an inflamed metabolic state. It's like staying in an emergency, even though there's no emergency. Now, when you're in a panic, do you pay close attention to everybody around you? Do you listen well? No, of course you don't listen well if you're in a panic. Well, these cells are in a panic permanently. That's no good. Third thing is there's damage, genetic material. Some people believe that the primary cause of the cancer is damage to the genetic material. But I want to question that. I don't know what the primary cause is, but what I do know is that the genetic quality of the cells gets worse and worse over time. That tells me that in this


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