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Skin Cancer

In this video, William Lane spends about 25 minutes speaking on "Skin Cancer" at the 27th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About William Lane

WILLIAM LANE, Ph.D. holds his B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Nutrition from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Nutrition from Rutgers University where he worked under two Nobel Prize winners. He recently was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Integrated Medicine from The Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida where a new School of Naturapathic Medicine is being organized which will be named after Dr. Lane. In August of this year Dr. Lane was invited down to the South American nation of Peru to assist them in utilizing the plants and flora which were widely used by the Incas as effective medicines before the advent of Western Chemical Medicine.

Dr. Lane’s research is behind the interest in Shark Cartilage which is now the subject of a 600 patient, phase 3, seven million dollar study largely funded by the NIH and being run by the Mayo Clinic on advanced breast and colon cancer patients. Dr. Lane directed a human study which was successfully run in Cuba on 29 advanced cancer patients who had failed all conventional treatments and were receiving shark cartilage as the only medication. This was positively featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace in February and July 1993.

Dr. Lane has co-authored 4 books: Sharks Don’t Get Cancer (1993), Sharks Still Don’t Get Cancer (1996), The Skin Cancer Answer (1998) and Immune Power (1999). His work in Alternative Therapies and Anti-Aging has helped to increase the acceptance of natural treatments in complimenting mainstream medicine.


Thank you.

I'm going to talk on a number of subjects concerning skin cancer, but I'm also going to talk on.... You may be interested in what's happening with Qaqaa.

Some of you may be interested in following it, and it's thrilling to me. We now are about to start a study with the NIH. The NIH is putting in 6 million dollars into a study to be using better than Chuck College on 600 patients to be treated at the Mayo Clinic.

Bertha and Dr. Kelly, whose product has ever gotten. In fact, none them of have never gotten to Phase 2, we're going to be in Phase 3, which is one step away from drug classification. And I take great pride in announcing. We announced this at the oncology meeting, the annual meeting in Atlanta, but it's the first time I've be able to

announce it at a Health Conference. Many of you have seen job problems from the beginning and now it's hearing where we are today. And this is a really I'm proud of it. We'll also be talking about skin cancer. Then, I would be talking about immune stimulation and I'm so fortunate, he just got back from Japan. Dr. Goalie ,who is the UCLA professor who has done almost all the work on MDA3 of the immune simulations has been able to join me and we'll answer questions together and maybe I'll get him to help me with a presentation as well. But anyhow, lets get on to these, first slide.

Introduction to Skin Cancer

. . Okay. That's the height that I can see.

Today, there are a million new cases of skin cancer each year. In fact, when people get older. They see 50 percent chance to have some sort of skin cancer

All right. The current therapies for skin cancer are primarily medical. They involve talking about a patient to find a cure, which is chemotherapy. There is cyro-surgery, which is freezing and cutting it out, or there is surgery. All of these leave a lot more with for a need repair, because you've got a hole in which sometimes is not covered by it. In Austrailia, I found some work on the ankle of the great voice on the ou tside. Voices are chemicals that come from the egg plant. And Dr. Chang has discovered these and that kill these would skin cancer when in Australia the dermatologist rebate because this would cut into their business and they outlawed it. I found out about it and brought it to back United States the and in turn wrote a book, and they run to like, well, and it it's funny. How they

Skin Cancer

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