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Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hypothermia

In this video, Antonio Jimenez spends about 31 minutes speaking on "Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hypothermia" at the 42nd Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Dr. Antonio Jimenez

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D., is the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the world-renowned Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers, a leading name in integrative oncology with two first-class locations in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. Established in 2000, Hope4Cancer’s Tijuana treatment center is a certified inpatient hospital and official member of the Baja California Hospitals Association, while Hope4Cancer’s Cancun treatment center (founded in 2015) serves outpatients in one of the world’s premier medical tourism destinations.

For over 25 years, Dr. Jimenez has dedicated his life to the study, clinical research, and implementation of non-toxic and integrative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders. Today, he is one of the most trusted voices in the world of integrative cancer therapy. His credentials include an MD from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Faculty of Medicine in Mexico and an ND from the Trinity School of Natural Health in Indiana, USA, as well as a medical license in Spain.

Among his most significant innovations, Dr. Jimenez developed and coined the 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy™, a revolutionary framework for healing that, since the 1990’s, has formed the basis of all his integrative protocols. Applied with a diverse toolkit of non-toxic treatments, including Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) and several biological immunotherapies, these principles are the foundation for a comprehensive healing program that targets both the cancer and the biological terrain that causes and feeds its growth. Standing the test of time, these principles are consistent with scientific concepts developed in later years, such as the 10 (Biological) Hallmarks of Cancer and the 4 Physical Traits of Cancer, that validate the ideas of systems biology and the complex tumor microenvironment.

Known for his active involvement in the education of his medical staff, including over 25 MD physicians, oncologists, and interventional radiologists, Dr. Jimenez is an avid educator who shares his wisdom with professional, patient and general interest audiences across the world. In 2020, he launched a free, biweekly webinar series, through which he educates global audiences on wide-ranging healing topics for the body, mind, and spirit. His dedication to learning, training, and researching new approaches for treating cancer has brought him to more than 70 countries, where he has been featured as a guest speaker in various online symposiums, conferences, docuseries, interviews, and documentaries. His work has been published in several peer-reviewed articles, and his desire to learn and innovate is reflected in his active support and participation in patient-focused, in-house research and development work.

Some of Dr. Jimenez’ most notable appearances include Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Health Summits (2016-2020), the Ask Dr. Nandi show, and The Truth About Cancer Live Symposiums (2016, 2017) and docuseries: Quest for the Cures: Final Chapter (2021), Eastern Medicine – Journey Through Asia (2019), The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest (2015) and The Quest for the Cures … Continues (2014).

A Diplomat of and Board Certified in Bioregulatory Medicine by the British


Well, good morning, everyone. It's an honor and a pleasure to be here. Thank you, Frank.

And Lorraine, for for this opportunity to share with you, it's been 25 years since I embarked on this journey after my father developed prostate cancer and he was in Houston, Texas. And everyone in Texas goes to the Anderson. All right. One of the prime cancer centers in the world. So that began my journey into holistic integrative medicine. And we'll share some things with you today that are very important for you to know. And we'll start with asking ourself an important question. Why do we need to integrate multiple therapies when one has the cancer challenge? Because throughout the weekend you've heard this idea, this philosophy, this herb. And I want to kind of condense this into a framework that's more understandable. And we know that cancer has multifactorial characteristics and they are inherent for the survival of the cell called cancer. The second aspect is that there's multiple influences over time that bring about a cancer process. This doesn't happen overnight. And of course, when someone has chemotherapy and radiation, you're only focusing on one aspect of the multiple manifestations of cancer. So in these 25 years, I've come to realize that it's not about what type of cancer someone has. Do you treat ovarian cancer, doctor? Humanity? Do you treat rhabdomyosarcoma? The answer is we have to address the seven hallmarks of cancer. And here they are and they're common for all types of cancer. So that's what's important. As opposed to when someone is having chemotherapy, they need to know the cell type. Is it an adenocarcinoma? Is it a squamous cell carcinoma? Okay, so I can go over all of this, you know, in that. But basically, the seven hallmarks are cancers have their own growth signals. Also, they are resistant to antigrowth signals from your immune system. Thirdly, they have program ability to develop blood supplies so a tumor can grow beyond two millimeters in size. If it doesn't have increased blood supply, that's called angiogenesis. Another characteristics is that cancer cells are able to evade the commonly used word. Up up ptosis or programed cell death. And of course, they are able to metastasize. Benign cells stay where they're going to where they presented themselves, a benign cyst in the breast and the ovary and the uterus stays there. It cannot go somewhere else. So cancer cells have the ability to metastasize. And they really have the ability to have an infinite lifespan. And that's when we talk about the cancer stem cells. So when someone has a tumor, you have non cancer stem cells

Sono-photo Dynamic Therapy

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