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Stem Cells, Immune Therapies, Lung Cancer

In this video, Geronimo Rubio Sr.Geronimo Rubio Jr. spends about 19 minutes speaking on "Stem Cells, Immune Therapies, Lung Cancer" at the 41st Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Geronimo Rubio Sr.

GERONIMO RUBIO, SR., M.D. has been the Medical Director of his own hospital for over three decades. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Autonoma de Baja California Medical School in Mexico. His research at Rubio Cancer Center specializes in immunology, customized cancer vaccines and adult stem cells for regenerative medicine for the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases. As a Medical Director and Research Director for over 30 years, Dr. Rubio’s specialties include: Oncology, Hematology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Parasitology and Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Rubio is certified by the FIMBR, The International Federation of Regenerative Medicine and in 2013 he received his diploma from the University of Puebla in Regenerative Medicine.

For the last 30 years, Dr. Rubio has researched and developed a process of RNA transference in lymphocytes, and polypeptide formulas for cancer cells and developed the formula for the blocking factors in tumor cells. He is presently the Medical Director of Rubio Cancer Center, located in La Mesa, Mexico, where his special Immune Vaccines are combined with Rife Technology and Herbal Medicines.

Rubio Cancer Center is one of the top ten hospitals in the country of Mexico, certified by the Mexican government to manufacture and apply adult stem cells and cancer vaccines. In 2015 Dr. Rubio received a certificate of recognition from the State of California, Senator Joel Anderson’s Office for his outstanding community service in Health Education. He is also the co-author of Breaking The Cancer Code, A Revolutionary Approach To Reversing Cancer, and is a popular lecturer at U.S. health and medical conferences. His reputation in reversing cancer is confirmed by Health authorities and written about by bestselling authors, who call him “The Tijuana Tumor Terminator.”

Dr. Rubio may be contacted by phone 866-246-0462, and websites and

About Geronimo Rubio Jr.

GERONIMO RUBIO, JR., M.D. received his Medical Degree from the University of Xochicalco in Tijuana, Mexico. During his training he discovered that the medications being prescribed to patients were causing unforeseen secondary effects. This motivated him to pursue non-toxic medications.

Once he completed his studies in General Medicine, Dr. Rubio began working with his father, Geronimo Rubio Sr., M.D., in Adult Stem Cells and Cancer Vaccines. He is presently the Assistant Medical Director at Rubio Cancer Center located in La Mesa, Mexico where he implements the Vaccine and Stem Cell Protocols combined with Rife Technology and Herbal Medicines.

Dr. Rubio may be contacted at the Rubio Cancer Center by phone 866-519-9960, website and e-mail [email protected].


Thank you. Thank you, Frank.

What an honor to be here. Yet another year. And that's what every cancer survivor says, right? And also because I am the point of contact when people first call the Rubio Cancer Center, I'm the point of contact. When we start our programs. So this year is especially exciting because we after all this time. And Dr. Rubio tracking so many success stories over twenty five years, that's over twenty five years were more like twenty seven now this year. And at this conference for the first time, we are introducing his research. So Billy best ended his talk with his book. But this now is the science that Dr. Rubio has been utilizing as the immune system, the most powerful weapon in reversing cancer with customized cancer vaccines and stem cell therapies, which both the doctors will be talking on today. But the book Breaking the Cancer Code now is our gift to you in terms of the research and the way that he's been able to be so successful these several years. Oh, at Rubio Cancer Center, I'm just going to take you on a brief tour. Everything is about the patient. We want the patient to be comfortable. And therefore, we set up the hospital to be a healing environment because our patients stay in-house as long as we have enough rooms. We are constantly remodeling and adding to the facility, but they stay in-house and it depending on the condition. It's a approximately four week treatment process. I always say we're rebuilding the immune system, educating it to recognize and destroy the cancer, but we're also simultaneously building the health, which Dr. Rubio will be speaking. Both Dr. Rubio senior and Dr. Rubio Junior will be speaking on today. This is just some of our staff. We have over 34 on staff, 10 rooms in terms of what we have for our patients. And then we also have like an annex for family that are visiting because we have so many PMing to support people in the treatment. These are our rooms, the community center. All our meals are served buffet style, of course, with predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables.

As the menu.

So it's a comprehensive protocol that Dr. Rubio has formulated and again this year, we're proud to say, put into print for people to have and utilize as a resource. And without any further ado, we're going to talk today on liver cancer. And the reason that we always speak specifically on one particular topic is because we want those people that are in the audience to know this one's for you, quite simply. And Dr. Rubeo

Stem Cells

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