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Cancer Doctor


In this video, Ben Johnson spends about 28 minutes speaking on "Thermography" at the 38th Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Ben Johnson

BEN JOHNSON, M.D., D.O., N.MD holds a B.S. Degree in Biology and a M.S. Degree in Psychology. Later, he received his M.D. Degree from the University of Science Arts and Technology in Montserrat, West Indies, his D.O. Degree from Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri and his N.MD from the United States School of Naturopathy in Washington, DC. Dr. Johnson did his Internship at Phoenix General Hospital in Arizona and his Residency at Doctors Hospital in Tucker, Georgia.

Dr. Ben practiced General Medicine for years in Colorado Springs, Colorado and then, because of his own health challenges, became interested in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which he practiced for the last 15 years, specializing in Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Prevention.

He has published a book to help women keep their breasts healthy called The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom. Recently, he gained the “best seller” title with his book The Healing Codes, which he co-authored with Alex Loyd, N.D. He is currently writing a new book on Thermography because early detection is the key to surviving breast cancer and infrared imaging (Thermography) is the only imaging device that allows for early detection.

Dr. Ben has spoken extensively on radio and television broadcasts as well as being the only medical doctor on the #1 selling DVD The Secret, which explores the power of positive thinking.

Dr. Ben was a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Administration and a Senior Flight Surgeon in the U.S. Army Reserve also for 12 years. He is a beekeeper, aviator and equestrian and has a passion for life and living.

Dr. Ben and Dr. Galina Migalko, C.C.T. (Certified Clinical Thermographer) work together at Universal Medical Imaging Group, providing full body thermal imaging, full body ultrasound and full body Bio Scan, synthesizing the three together for the most comprehensive non x-ray, non invasive imaging available today.

You may contact Dr. Ben and Dr. Galina at their office in Valley Village, California by phone 818-987-6886 or websites or for more information on thermographic equipment and training


I am so thankful to Friant, Frank and Lorraine Linda, who is my partner, who's helped bring this to pass, where I could share with you today, because breast or a passion for me in many ways.

Okay. We're all interested in breast and breast health. Men are interested in it and women are interested in it. I was with Mark Victor Hansen, you know, Chicken Soup for the Soul books here a few years back. And he came and took a course for me for a week and said, Ben, you've got to write a book. And I go, Why do I write a book about you said, write a book about what you're passionate about? I had no doubt at that moment what I would write a book about. So I wrote a book, The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom, because there is absolutely no reason that women should be dying of breast cancer because it's preventable. It's detectable. We're using the wrong technology. We're doing the wrong things. And so I wanted to share with you briefly this morning about some old technology and some new technology. And then we're going to talk about prevention, because prevention is not as hard as it is as one would think. It's it's just that we don't know. And so, for lack of knowledge, my people perish. So here's what I want for every woman in this room today. I want you to live to be and years old and die in your lover's arms with both breasts attached.


Now, as you can see, we have some old technology up here. And how many women in this room have had a mammogram?

Okay. You can immediately tell me that there's something wrong with this picture. There's at least two things wrong with this picture. Number one, the breast is not properly smashed. Right, because those plates come down and they really spread the breast out. So the breast is not properly smashed for a mammogram. The next thing you notice is the tech is in the room. She's not behind the lead walls so that she won't get irradiated. So there's a couple of obvious issues there right off from this picture. But so so what is mammography? The breast is compressed between two plates, plastic and cancer causing radiation is pass through this compressed breast tissue. Now, just so you know, damaged tissue is more susceptible to radiation damage than normal tissue. So we start off by compressing, damaging the breast and then we irradiate it with cancer causing x rays. Who's supposed to get these? Well, women from 30 on up. There's been a big push for


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