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Cancer Doctor

Tien Hsien

In this video, Dan Clark spends about 26 minutes speaking on "Tien Hsien" at the 32nd Annual Cancer Convention held on Labor Day weekend by the Cancer Control Society.

About Dan Clark

DAN CLARK, M.D. received his Medical Degree at Medical College of Georgia, Augusta in 1975 and completed his Residency at University Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1979.

Currently, Dr. Clark is a Staff Instructor at the Florida College of Integrated Medicine, Orlando, Florida. He founded the Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine in 1988 for the purpose of promoting educational seminars for physicians on Electro Dermal Screening as well as Certification Courses in that field. Each year, the Institute and Florida College of Integrated Medicine sponsor the Annual International Congress of BioEnergetic Medicine.

In 1997, Dr. Clark founded BioActive Nutritionals for the development, formulation, manufacture and distribution of natural base health products. Conceived with a product line of 4 Homeopathic Remedies, BioActive’s current offerings include more than 700 proprietary products.

Among Dr. Clark’s areas of professional expertise are Alternative Treatments for Cancer, Chelation Therapy for Arteriosclerosis and Homeopathy and Herbology for Chronic Diseases.

He may be contacted at BioActive Nutritional, Inc. by phone 800-476-6149, fax 321-254-6505 and website

His speech will include Tien Hsien products, which are made up of different herbs and mushrooms that contain anti-cancer agents.


Yeah. I had never had the opportunity to speak here, all of and Lorraine has asked me a number of times when I was that they calm meetings, which when we had annual meetings with that, and I managed to at least get to one a year. And so it's a pleasure being here as one to touch on a few things for you and then get into a Rimi that I was introduced to a couple of years ago, the tension liquid to help explain a little bit of why the product is a phenomenal product and a good tonic for it comes out of China.

And I'd like to start this talk and I have so much information on this particular talk. It would take me two hours, but I'm on abbreviate it down for you. I always look at the normal cell requirement and in the body we have over one hundred tree and cells and each cell requires certain things. And you have to have these items in order to make that cell function and you've got to have all your proteins coming in. And these are in the form amino acids, essential anoma seen in Central and this comes from our food or supplementation carbohydrates. And this is ultimately complex carbohydrates. Hopefully from complex fiber, vegetables that you're taking in on your diet. And it's ultimately broken down into glucose. And this is utilized and burned as fuel through the mitochondria inside the cell. And then we have our fats and this is triglycerides that we burn for energy and into crêpe cycle, as well as essential fatty acids that we need for helping the immune response and also the bile membranes and repair of membranes in each. We need the enzymes in Queensland's and these are enzymes that are living in Zan's come from our foods and we can do it from juicing like wheat grass extracts and other avenues. And the Coens ends of the vitamins in their core and their biological form. Colloidal minerals and trace metals come from our foods also in green leafy vegetables, and you can get them from various aspects of seaweeds and so forth. And each cell has to have a constant nervous supply. It's got to have a constant blood supply, bring in oxygen because oxygen is a source of life in constant lymphatic flow, because lymphatic flow helps to bathe all of our cells in our body. And it brings this the reticular endothelial system. It brings in the immune cells to help them survive the body and make sure that there's no foreign invaders coming in. And we also have a constant energetic flow.

Tien Hsien

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